If He Had Said Campaign, I Might Have Believed It

Miguel goes for the traditional April Fool’s joke in the gun blogosphere. One of these days it may not be a joke. The Center is in much better financial shape than the Campaign, however. But I don’t expect the Campaign to declare bankruptcy. Brady will just minimize the amount of activity they conduct under 501(c)(4) auspices. Most of what they do is legal for a 501(3)(c) to engage in, regardless. The Center, if I recall, is still losing money, it just has much further to fall. In addition, their 501(c)(3) status can help them get donations, since they are tax deductible.

One thought on “If He Had Said Campaign, I Might Have Believed It”

  1. I likw the brady center. Not sure why all the hated against people who are trying to do what they think is right to protect people in our counrty from the harm a gun can do. It not like they have a huge industry supporting them. Making money of death and destruction.

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