Small World

I arrived home yesterday to see my neighbor getting into his car with someone. Waved hello, as I tend to do. I quickly noticed he was with a guy who looked awfully familiar to me. Scanning the memory bank to try to associate a name with the face, “That guy looks like someone I know. I think someone I’ve met once through blogging. ‘Smite a Hippie‘ is his nom de plume, I think.” I probably gave him an odd look, because it seemed hard to believe that someone I know through blogging just happens to be getting into my neighbor’s car. I am reluctant to say anything in case it’s just a matter of someone having a very similar face.

“You’re Sebastian, aren’t you?” the man I am now sure is Mr. Smite says. I affirm my nom de plume and say hi. It turns out he’s friends with my neighbor. I do not know if they were off to smite hippies, but if so, this is an activity I fully support, so I did not wish to keep them waiting.

Small world, for sure.

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