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The Mini-14 is now, apparently a “poor man’s assault rifle.” They have become a parody of themselves, truly. I’m pretty sure the Mini-14 is legal even in California. Josh Sugarmann has gone from being the evil genius of the gun control movement to a sad joke. How the mighty have fallen. That said, Josh can still comfort himself by taking home a bigger salary than most of us can dream of, for producing essentially nothing. Certainly nothing of greater value than most of us produce for free every day. How does it feel to be a joke, Josh? Hell, I feel worse for his patrons. How does it feel to fund a joke?

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  1. The Mini-14 doesn’t even have assault-y features like bayonets lugs and the shoulder thing that goes up.

  2. How did bayonet lugs come to be an evil feature? When was the last time a bayonet was used in a crime?

  3. It’s not about historical evidence its about potential. Therefore everyone is a rapist and we should all be banned.

  4. “How did bayonet lugs come to be an evil feature? When was the last time a bayonet was used in a crime?”

    January 1989, Stockton, California.

  5. The logic here is baffling – where I live AK’s are far cheaper than the Rugers.

  6. Any weapon used in an assault is an assault weapon. Violent crimes are always hate crimes…how many occur when the perp is feeling love for the victim?

    David Mamet’s point that liberalism constantly contradicts itself in irreconcilable ways, and people like Sugarman, convince me that it is a low-grade disease of the mind. It is no surprise that so many liberals seem so unhappy, profane and unfilled. How could they be any other way, with so many contradictions to hide from?

    However, it does pay off for some.

    As to the Ruger, this points out the idiocy of “assault weapon” laws. it’s less accurate generally than the AR, but otherwise interchangable. Duh.

    I guess this is just another incremental reach to ban another firearm.

  7. Good. Maybe VPC will convince some Fudds will join us. Although Fudds may not be interested until they go after their duck guns..

  8. Even here in CA, an AR-15 build is cheaper than a mini-14.

    And here in CA, mini-14s with a flash hider is an ‘assault weapon’. Must have a muzzle brake to be legal.

  9. Just make sure it doesn’t come with a compass in the stock, and this thing which tells time! You might shoot your eye out!

  10. The Mini-14 is legal in CA so long as it doesn’t have any of those “assaulty features”. It is a classic example of the absurdity of AWBs to switch out the stock and turn it into a felony. Even more ridiculous is that the “target” model- specifically designed for bench shooting with a heavy barrel and thumbhole stock is a felony because of the thumbhole stock. So… the “target” model is designed to be spray fired from the hip, but you can’t do that with the lighter “ranch” model.

  11. @ Shootin Buddy said “January 1989, Stockton, California.”

    I assume you are referring to the 1989 Cleveland Elementary School shooting? If so, where does it state that he used a bayonet during the crime? ( Not just that he had one on the AK, that he actually used it ). Just wondering

  12. I am also unaware that a bayonet was used in the Stockton schoolyard shootings. It isn’t mentioned in any news accounts that I read.

    The Ruger Mini-14 was exempted from California’s AWB because one member of the lower house would not vote for the bill unless the Mini-14 was not on the list. (He owned a Mini-14.) The bill passed the lower house by one vote–the Mini-14 owner’s vote.

  13. Mini-14’s are more expensive, besides here in California I can buy an AK with a bullet-button or any number of AR’s (S&W M&P, Olympic Arms, CMMG, Daniel Defense, etc.), with a bullet-button that are more accurate than a Mini-14. 10-round magazines allow you to get closer down on the deck, too. Even the formerly AR-shy “hunters paradise” gun-shops are stocking them. We’re turning back the screws and opening the doors.

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