New Scapegoat – Global Warming?

The really sad thing about this editorial is that I’m not certain whether it’s for real or a joke.  If they were talking about any other politician, I would assume a joke.  But according to this, John Street is about to blame Philadelphia’s murder rate on global warming.

I really think it’s satire, but since the city government is the biggest joke in the universe, it’s hard to tell for sure.

4 thoughts on “New Scapegoat – Global Warming?”

  1. Well, think about it. Canada and Scandanavian countries have lower crime-rates than the U.S., and they are, on average, colder than the U.S. Why, it’s hard to rob and kill when your ass is freezing!

    Doublefact-plusgood: Many affluent citizens have air conditioners. Few affluent citizens commit crime. Therefore, air conditioners prevent crime!

    Sounds like the Mayor should purchase large numbers of air conditioners for his citizens!

  2. Ah-ha! But the chief murderers were not from Fargo, now were they? Murderers tend to have a condition called “heat brain” which forms during their time in the womb. Even if transplanted to cold locations, people afflicated with “heat brain” will always have higher murder rates than the “cold brains”.

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