Tom Selleck on Gun Safety

Apparently he laid into an extra for mishandling a firearm. Hollywood has gotten better about depicting firearms more realistically. It sounds hard to believe, but when I go back and watch movies from the 80s, the gun handling is just so ridiculous and unrealistic as to be comical. It’s like they got a hold of props, and no one had any clue how to use them. Though perhaps we should be fortunate. An entire generation around the world was education on gunfighting by American movies, which probably comes in handy when we have to send our soldiers in to kill them.

10 thoughts on “Tom Selleck on Gun Safety”

  1. The actor apparently flew off the handle when an extra on the set of his TV show Blue Bloods picked up a real gun and started pointing it at people!

    Yeah, I’d fly off the handle, too. That kind of ignorance of firearms safety is what killed Brandon Lee.

  2. Yeah but when they show up for class and try to handle gun like they do on CSI Miami, it can be a bit flustrating

  3. His handling on Magnum PI was excellent. He isn’t new to this game.

    In fact he personally kept the pistol (1911) from Magnum PI because it was so reliable in firing blanks. Apparently a difficult thing to do.

  4. The thing I hated about those 80s shows was that they would fire a million rounds of ammo but nobody ever got hit, let alone died (like the A-Team or McGuyver). As soon as they started shooting you knew, “Well, nobody’s gonna die in this scene.” It was ridiculous!

  5. Kudos to Tom Selleck! That extra didn’t get half the ass-chewing he deserved (probably because Mr. Selleck knew he was dealing with ignorance, and cut the dumb bunny some slack).

    Of course, to the Hollyweirdos, that makes Selleck the bad guy in this little “Teachable Moment”…

  6. Schwarzenegger was the worst. I like some of his movies, but I can’t think of a scene in which he actually fires an aimed shot – or even changes magazines. Rifles are always fired from the hip and pistols and sub-machine guns are just waved around like magic wands.

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