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New Lost Theory

I’m thinking that anyone who kills someone on the island dies.  Think about it.  Desmond has consistently foreseen Charlie’s demise, but Charlie seems to be destined to die.  Anna Lucia killed someone, and she’s dead.  The reason the others wanted John Locke to kill his father is to see if he’d die.  If he doesn’t, he must be special.   Sawyer killed Locke’s father instead, so now we’ll have to see if Soyer dies.  Who else has killed someone on the island?   Mr. Eko has.  He’s dead.  Juliet has, not dead yet.   So has Sun.  Sun’s going to die because she’s pregnant, and pregnant women die on the island.

Maybe there’s someone who doesn’t fit here that I’m not thinking about.   Another thing I wonder is what happened to Michael and his kid.

Three More Seasons

It appears ABC’s Lost will run for three more seasons, each 16 uninterrupted episodes.  This seems to suggest that they didn’t have the show all that well planned out from the beginning to end.  They do mention this:

“Due to the unique nature of ‘Lost,’ we knew it would require an end date to keep the integrity and strength of the show consistent throughout and to give the audience the payoff they deserve,” ABC Entertainment president Stephen McPherson said.

You better!  If this ends up being another Quantum Leap or X-Files, I’m going to be pissed.

Lost Getting Slow

OK, Lost needs to pick up the pace a little bit. Considering they have had falling ratings so far in this second half of the third season, they need to start moving things along. I’ve heard, though this is completely unsubstantiated, that ABC has asked that they strech the series out more. Since it’s such a hit, they wanted it to last just a bit longer.

But come on. What was really interesting about the last episode? Hurly drives a car around the island and it reminds him of his dad who left for 17 years then came back for his lottery money and to boink his mom? The only interesting parts of that episode was the last three minutes. I was waiting to see when Danielle Rousseau would make a reapperance.

Last Night’s Episode (Spoiler Warning)

So if Desmond is seeing future events, because he relived it before, doesn’t that mean he’s also relived his time on the island as well?  And if Charlie was killed by lightning originally, wouldn’t he have had to relive it more than once to know that Charlie would later drown trying to save Claire?

Also, from last week’s episode, the brainwashing scene backwards:

** The Video Which Once Appeared Here Was Removed By YouTube **

Only fools are enslaved by time and space.

Lost Begins!

The ABC series “Lost” starts again in about 40 minutes.  My addiction to the show will unfortunatly cut into blogging time tonight.  I noticed that Lost is filmed in Hawaii, which probably explains why all the Kalashnikovs on the show have the silly looking Clinton magazines.  The odd thing is, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them with the full sized mags in them as well on the series.  Maybe they don’t shoot everything in Hawaii.  A few of the “Others” have been seen with M1As on the show.  Sayid seems to like the SKS.  Some on the show need to learn the lesson that when you’re expecting a fight, take a rifle, and take 5 friends with rifles.  Heading off to look for trouble with a 9mm pistol seems like a bad idea.

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