Light Posting Because of Lost

Sorry for the light posting.  I had the gun club meeting last night, and then, of course, Lost, so not much of a chance to queue some filler.  Last night’s lost episode was excellent, and as Brad pointed out in the comments, it turns out that Ben’s father is Lazlo from the movie Real Genius.

Ben killed his father because he spent all his time making repeated entries into the island’s sweepstakes.  He had calculated that he’d win 32.6% of the prizes.  Or maybe because he drank too much.  I’m getting my plots confused.

One thought on “Light Posting Because of Lost”

  1. I’m one of those people addicted to Lost, but not happy with this season. We were sick of the helpless victim crap from the survivors by the end of last season and it was well past time for some good, old-fashioned revenge. Then the first half of this season was more of the same, and we were ready to stop watching if it didn’t turn around. It did, some, when the season picked back up, but I’m getting a distinct X-Files feeling now, that the writers never knew where this was going or what the island is or anything else. We’ll have to see.

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