Last Night’s Episode (Spoiler Warning)

So if Desmond is seeing future events, because he relived it before, doesn’t that mean he’s also relived his time on the island as well?  And if Charlie was killed by lightning originally, wouldn’t he have had to relive it more than once to know that Charlie would later drown trying to save Claire?

Also, from last week’s episode, the brainwashing scene backwards:

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Only fools are enslaved by time and space.

One thought on “Last Night’s Episode (Spoiler Warning)”

  1. Well, there are a couple of things here:

    If he’s re-living his island experience, wouldn’t he know to not let Locke let the countdown go all the way to zero? And if he’s a time-shifter or has already lived his experiences on the island, what’s the deal with the lady in the jewelry store? Is she a time-shifter too?

    Rather, the experience in the past was a teaching tool: to tell him that he can see future events as if they were the past and that he can’t do too much to change things. If he couldn’t even keep himself from breaking up with Penny – something totally within his realm of free will – how is he going to change the course of future events?

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