Gambling Slots

This amusing post from Scott Adams reminds me of my gambling experience in Reno while attending the Gun Blogger Rendezvous.  Scott suggests that casinos eventually just set up ATMs to make noise and flash lights so people feel entertained.

I was amused at the notion of this, and wondered if people would fall for it.  It’s possible, I mean, we all spent a lot of money converting our hard earned dollars into flashes and noise for entertainment without any hope of a payoff, other than better skills to doing so ;)

7 thoughts on “Gambling Slots”

  1. Aren’t ATMs risky in casinos? Seem to remember a case in Atlantic City, NJ where someone was able to get all the money they lost gambling because of the terms on their ATM card, something like ‘funds can’t be used for gambling purposes’ and since the ATM was located in a casino all withdrawals were declared invalid.

    Granted that was a long time ago… and my memory isn’t what it used to be.

  2. The trick is to find someone who is good at gambling, then rob them.

    Also, never play slots. Ever.

    Unless it’s one of those “Win-a-car” slots, then I suppose one play is okay.

  3. You’re doing it wrong. I gamble. A lot. I never play slots and I never sports bet. I play two games: poker and blackjack. I play poker for fun and blackjack when I want some money.

    With a little study, you can be a winning player at poker or blackjack but not much else.

    i wonder if your spam filter lets this through?

  4. oh, and by winning player, i mean over the long term. and by long term, i mean a lot of hands. and by that, i mean over 10,000.

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