Last Night’s Lost

We were absolutely exhausted by the time we returned home last night after the lobbying all day at the Capitol. But I was so happy to find out that we were back in time for Lost. Until I turned it on and found out it was a repeat. Now I know that I should have watched the entire thing because it was really so much more than that. Les Jones explains:

It was just like an earlier episode. Freaky.

It’s sort of like the audience is now time-traveling. We time-traveled back to a previous “Lost” episode. That episode had died in an alternate timeline (the Smoke Monster probably killed it), but in the new timeline it was brought back to life after bathing in the spring at the temple.

Rather than having to wait week after week and season after season, I watched all 6 seasons in fairly rapid succession given that we started from the beginning right around Christmas with our subscription to Netflix. This waiting thing, especially when they pull a repeat stunt, is for the birds. I’ll be so damn glad when this show is over.

So, who read the spoiler call sheet? (We didn’t. I just read about it.)

6 thoughts on “Last Night’s Lost”

  1. I liked it when they were doing last weeks episode at 8 pm with pop-ups. Only way I could keep track of all the references and understand what the heck is happening. Screw Dancing with the Stars.

  2. The problem is that I think I know what is happening, and it’s a real let down. I wanted more out of the story, and now I actually feel like they are dragging it out. I hope I’m wrong and that there is a purpose to all of the flash-sides (?) rather than just telling a “what might have been, but isn’t, but it gets us another 3 episodes out of it” type of side story.

    I’m also pissed about Sayid. I want him to go back to being good. I remember when I didn’t think Shannon was good enough for him.

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