The new episode is on the DVR. There will be no spoilers allowed. Thanks to Sebastian’s new crazy work schedule, our speedy viewing sessions have dropped dramatically. We’re waiting to catch a couple of hours in a row to watch the finale of Season 3. Obviously, that still leaves us with 2 more seasons.

We’re getting to an interesting point in this little viewing exercise. I find the show to be quite predictable by now, and I find myself hoping that more characters die. In fact, I say we just give up and nuke the whole damn island/island chain/whatever. This doesn’t give me much hope for the remaining three seasons. Perhaps those of you who watched last night can give a spoiler-free clue as to whether it is worth it, or I’ll be screaming at the computer to just nuke the whole damn world in order to be free of these characters.

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  1. Bitter — I FINALLY signed up for a Netflix account, mostly due to my travel schedule and that I got rid of cable since I’m never in town to watch it…so now I can check out the previous “Lost” seasons I’ve missed and will even explore your preferred British version of Jack Bauer — whatever that was called, again. ;-)

  2. I’ve only seen Lost on occasion and read about it on the web. With that disclaimer, I have bad news (non-spoiler type) for you Lost fans: If you think the writers have some sort of cohesive planned storyline that will ALL be revealed when the show is over…they don’t.

    This is the basic strategy for a Lost episode:
    1. Introduce some new characters, kill off some characters, bring back some characters you thought were dead.
    2. Throw the most random events on the screen that will make the viewer think they are suddenly watching a different show (Polar Bear/Cloud/timeshifting/whatever).
    3. Worry about tying the stuff together LATER.
    4. Lather, Rinse, Repeat
    5. Try to keep it going for as many seasons as possible.

    Contrast that to “Harper’s Island”, a show that went in with a plan and a set number of episodes to execute that plan. The shocking revelations of that show don’t feel cheap and manipulative. It was a tightly written machine and the best thing I’ve seen on TV in years.

  3. Bitter — that makes MI-5 even more enticing. I spend so much time in hotels that the option of streaming is VERY attractive…not to mention this eye candy with which you tease me. Haha.

  4. My girlfriend watched the show last night while I was at the range. I walked in with about 60 seconds to go, and she said she spent the entire two hours thinking something along the lines of “oh my god. This is awesome” over and over. Apparently, they actually go so far as to wrap up something from the first episode in this.

    I never started watching Lost, because I didn’t have a DVR when it first came on. I had also watched way too many shows give up on consistency or flat out insult their fans to be willing to devote that much time to a show. From the little my girlfriend told me about this last episode, I think I’ll finally sit down with the DVDs to catch up.

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