Lost Getting Slow

OK, Lost needs to pick up the pace a little bit. Considering they have had falling ratings so far in this second half of the third season, they need to start moving things along. I’ve heard, though this is completely unsubstantiated, that ABC has asked that they strech the series out more. Since it’s such a hit, they wanted it to last just a bit longer.

But come on. What was really interesting about the last episode? Hurly drives a car around the island and it reminds him of his dad who left for 17 years then came back for his lottery money and to boink his mom? The only interesting parts of that episode was the last three minutes. I was waiting to see when Danielle Rousseau would make a reapperance.

3 thoughts on “Lost Getting Slow”

  1. It’s like the head writers have written the main show, all the linkages and segues: the last three and the first three minutes. Then they hand-off to a room full of caffeinated and spit-wad shooting sophomore/junior writers to fill-in the rest of it, and just make sure the scene includes somebody in the first-thee/last-three minutes.

  2. With the addition of car, Lost may have just turned into Gilligan’s Island.

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