The First Shoe Drops: Virginia Reciprocity

We know that yesterday Administration officials told us they were coordinating with state officials to see how many ways gun owners could be screwed over. Well, the first shoe to drop seems to be by shredding most of Virginia’s reciprocity agreements, including with Pennsylvania. After the Democratic Attorney General Mark Herring closes open season on … Continue reading “The First Shoe Drops: Virginia Reciprocity”

Pennsylvania Signs Reciprocity With West Virginia

It’s about frigging time! There’s rumors that Tom Corbett will make a run for the Governor’s office in 2010. This will certainly help his standing with gun owners. This is a momentous occasion folks.  It marks the first reciprocity agreement that allows Pennsylvania LTC holders to travel out of the state by land and not … Continue reading “Pennsylvania Signs Reciprocity With West Virginia”

Virginia and Pennsylvania Establish Reciprocity

This is good news for both PA LTC and VA CHL holders. Reciprocity with Virginia has been a long time coming. I’ve heard various reasons on why it hasn’t happened sooner, from our lack of training requirement, to Pennsylvania having no easy method for license verification. I’m glad to see if finally happening though.

Opposition to National Reciprocity from Former PPD Commish

This seems like a silly assertion: Twelve states — including Pennsylvania’s neighbor, West Virginia — do not require any permit or training to carry hidden loaded guns in public. If this bill becomes law, almost any person from these states would instantly be able to carry concealed in Pennsylvania, regardless of whether that person meets the … Continue reading “Opposition to National Reciprocity from Former PPD Commish”

Terry McAuliffe Backtracks on Reciprocity

The Washington Post is reporting that a deal has been struck between Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe and Republicans. The deal breaks down to this: reciprocity with the 25 states will not be rescinded. In exchange, the GOP controlled legislature will agree to pass a bill with the following provisions: If someone’s Virginia permit is revoked, … Continue reading “Terry McAuliffe Backtracks on Reciprocity”

Virginia Move Part of Coordinated Campaign

If you don’t think this is part of a coordinated campaign by the left, probably organized through the White House, I have news for you: Conduct an annual review of concealed-carry permit reciprocity agreements with other states and rescind those agreements with states that fail to meet certain standards Remember, this is from December 15. … Continue reading “Virginia Move Part of Coordinated Campaign”

Reciprocity Agreements Tweaked With Other States

Sorry for not noticing this, but it would seem our anti-gun Attorney General, Kathleen Kane, has revised our reciprocity agreements with Virginia and Arizona. If you hold a non-resident permit from either of these states, you can no longer carry in Pennsylvania. If you’re from out of state, and not a resident of a reciprocal … Continue reading “Reciprocity Agreements Tweaked With Other States”

National Reciprocity in the Senate

I’m becoming less optimistic about the prospects for National Concealed Carry, mostly because the GOP seems more interested in election year posturing than actually passing anything. In order to actually pass something, it requires cooperation from the Democrats. It must be a bipartisan bill to achieve success. We had a bill introduced, S. 2188, which … Continue reading “National Reciprocity in the Senate”

Senate National Reciprocity Bill Introduced

Looks like it’s being introduced by Begich (D-Alaska), Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) and Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia). We will certainly be following this bill closely. UPDATE: Someone was asking about a bill number. We don’t seem to have one yet, as best I can tell from searching on Thomas. There’s a lot of possibilities with this … Continue reading “Senate National Reciprocity Bill Introduced”

LTC Reciprocity With Maryland?

VCDL is reporting on a bill that’s being introduced in Maryland, much along the same lines as Delaware, which while still technically being a may-issue state, was able to, nonetheless, pass a reciprocity bill. This Maryland bill will recognize licenses issued by surrounding states, including Pennsylvania, but oddly not including West Virginia. I don’t know … Continue reading “LTC Reciprocity With Maryland?”