LTC Reciprocity With Maryland?

VCDL is reporting on a bill that’s being introduced in Maryland, much along the same lines as Delaware, which while still technically being a may-issue state, was able to, nonetheless, pass a reciprocity bill. This Maryland bill will recognize licenses issued by surrounding states, including Pennsylvania, but oddly not including West Virginia. I don’t know why they left out West Virginia. Maybe the sponsor has it in for them. Either way, I don’t think this bill stands much of a chance, but it’s worth supporting anyway, just to let the politicians know we still care. I just wouldn’t have unrealistic expectations about its chances. It is scheduled for a committee hearing, so if you live in Maryland, that’s one thing to consider showing up for. It’s scheduled for next Tuesday at 1:00PM.

And before anyone says I’m just being a Negative Nancy with my assessment of the Bill’s chances, I’d encourage folks to look at the makeup of the Maryland House Judiciary committee. You have a B- chair, which might be how we got a hearing at all. You have seven pro-gun (NRA B and higher) votes on that committee, plus the chairman, out of 22 members of the committee. It’s a very polarized committee, where everyone is either and A or B or  D or F, which probably reflects the state as a whole on the gun issue. There are a lot of question mark candidates, but in a state like Maryland, those should be counted as likely Fs. There is one C grade on the committee, but even if you swing that one, it’s still not enough votes to get it to the floor. And even if you get it to the floor, it’s going to die there.

It is still worth contacting legislators, and showing up. It takes a long time to bring a movement to eventual success, but we should approach the fight with realistic expectations. Otherwise you risk disillusioning your followers. The real benefit going forward is to get all these question marks on record, so next election they carry grades that reflect their actual attitude toward our rights.

5 thoughts on “LTC Reciprocity With Maryland?”

  1. Thanks for uncovering this. I am posting this to my blog this morning. Maryland **needs** this law as an inroad to the state’s anti-self-defense way of thinking. Thanks, “Snowflakes”!

  2. call me a Debbie Downer, but i don’t think it’ll pass.

    i want it to, but i don’t think it’ll pass.

  3. I was in the meeting last year when we finally got a vote on turning the May Issue to Shall Issue bill last year. It overwhelmingly lost.

    Don’t see this going anywhere, I will try and go to this hearing just to see what happens.


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