Pennsylvania Signs Reciprocity With West Virginia

It’s about frigging time! There’s rumors that Tom Corbett will make a run for the Governor’s office in 2010. This will certainly help his standing with gun owners.

This is a momentous occasion folks.  It marks the first reciprocity agreement that allows Pennsylvania LTC holders to travel out of the state by land and not have to take the gun off to remain legal.  Pennsylvania has no reciproicity agreements with any of its neighbors.   I’ve been able to carry in Ohio and Delaware for a while now, but only on a Florida CWL.

5 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Signs Reciprocity With West Virginia”

  1. Now, if only there was an easy way to get from DC to Pennsylvania via West Virginia.

    But still, its a start. Maybe maryland will come around one of these centries.

  2. Any word on whether it will recognize my non-res PA LTC?

    Think you have it bad in PA? I can’t even keep a carry piece in my home in Chicago, though I can carry in over a dozen states.

  3. I somehow doubt they’ll honor non-res licenses. WV has always been strange about CCW. It took them forever to get reciprocity with PA, because PA (at least last time I looked) didn’t have a training requirement. There was also a question a while back about non-res VA licenses. There was a big debate about it, during which non-resident holders of VA CCWs were told not to carry in WV, because there were still questions about how the reciprocity was supposed to work. The laws are slowly getting better, thankfully. They recently signed a law making reciprocity easier, so WV has added a few more states to their list, with PA being the latest.

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