Virginia Move Part of Coordinated Campaign

If you don’t think this is part of a coordinated campaign by the left, probably organized through the White House, I have news for you:

Conduct an annual review of concealed-carry permit reciprocity agreements with other states and rescind those agreements with states that fail to meet certain standards

Remember, this is from December 15. Seems some Dems have been listening. Don’t expect this move in Virginia to be the last move. There’s probably more to come. Get ready.

16 thoughts on “Virginia Move Part of Coordinated Campaign”

  1. It’s now double illegal to conceal carry a pistol as a convicted domestic abuser and other categories. All the categories I saw were already prohibited persons except for “recent dui”. If you can’t legally have a firearm at all you darn sure can’t legally ccw. These people are evil and prey on the ignorance of the public.

  2. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. We haven’t been vigilant. We’ve known these weaknesses in state reciprocity laws left us vulnerable. Going all the way back to the guy in South Carolina who had his permit renewal denied – at least initially because he had 3 speeding tickets. SLED said that showed a predisposition to commit crimes. The reciprocity laws written with the ubiquitous “equal to or stronger” law language are all vulnerable. The mechanics to exploit the vulnerability vary by state but if your states reciprocity law includes that provision, this can happen to you too.

    The answer to this problem is to stop wasting time, effort, money and political capital at the state level and get behind national reciprocity.

    1. ^^^THIS^^^
      National recognition of CCW permits should be just like National recognition for Driver’s Licenses.

      If your state is a ‘constitutional carry’ state, your driver’s license showing your residency there should qualify as such.

  3. This happened in WA and OR as well.

    If there is room for a functionary to weasel 49 states into non-reciprocity, the Dems will do it the second they capture the post that determines reciprocity.

  4. Somewhere around here I have a wee bit of care.

    1 Virginia never recognized my state’s (Missouri) CC permits from the beginning.
    2 Except for the time when I either had interviewed, or worked in Virginia, I’d never been there and can see no reason to go there again.
    3 OC there gets a “So?” and what other states would consider CC in a vehicle is allowed and covered by statute.
    4 Mencken’s comment about getting the government you want, good and hard, should make Virginians a bit more politically aware during the next state level election cycle there.

    The Missouri legislature took care of this possibility by recognizing, in the statute, all other CC permits.

    It doesn’t matter which party our governor, or attorney general is a member of. Decisions of recognition, or reciprocity ARE NOT THEIR’S TO MAKE.

    So, revising their CC laws better be on Virginia gun owner’s front burner, if they actually give a damn.

    1. “OC there gets a “So?””

      Most places. Certain areas of NoVA, Richmond, and Norfolk can get you proned out at gunpoint by the PD (at least one guy has sued the Norfolk PD (and won) at least three times for this), and in many places will get you a “consensual” encounter with at least one officer. Semi-auto pistols with a 20+ round magazine (i.e., an FN Five-Seven with the extended mag), or designed to accept a silencer are illegal to carry in some cities (VA Code §18.2-287.4).

      “So, revising their CC laws better be on Virginia gun owner’s front burner, if they actually give a damn.”

      It’s in the works. A bill to automatically recognize every state’s carry permit was killed in a Senate Finance committee last year based on lies from the State Police, after the House passed it, and it’s being introduced again when the General Assembly meets in January.

  5. I’m in California. I wish I had license reciprocity agreements in the first place.

  6. Just think. In the next 14 months literally every single blue state and literally every single state with a democrat AG will drop concealed-carry permit reciprocity agreements with literally every single state it does forcing the red states to do so as well. By the time hillary is sworn in concealed-carry permit reciprocity agreements will no longer exist.

    The courts will NEVER side with us again. The 2nd amendment as per the courts is now repealed. Dead and buried. Your 2nd ammendment right is an illusion. It can be taken away at any time by your state or county and there is nothing you can do about it save ignore the law. No matter how draconian the proposal the courts will either not hear the case or side with the government. Lets say los angeles or some other progressive location makes gun ownership blanket illegal. And by blanket illegal you are subject to immediate execution without trial. And if not immediate then held for a later mass public execution. I would go so far to say SCOTUS would either not take the case or side with LA. I have come to the conclusion that nearly all courts and all judges would like nothing more than the US government to kill all gun owners. They know that’s over 110 million people but they don’t care.

    The rest of my comment I decided not to post as it gets pretty dark as to what will happen after hillary is selected president next year and then sworn in.

  7. Blue States vs Red States. This time about gun control instead of slave abolition. And a whining Obama as a low-rent John Brown leading the way.

    Take heart everyone. By dropping their masks and exposing themselves as the extremists they truly are, the gun-control crusaders are making a fatal error. Now people can see in real life what gun control is really about, compare and contrast policy in Red States vs Blue States, and know the truth. No more of that liberal B.S. of ‘passing the bill to find out what’s in it’.

    This all out attack by the gun-banners isn’t Pearl Harbor, it’s the Battle of the Bulge. A last ditch all out attack which is going to exhaust the remaining reserves of the gun control crusade. A lot of people running for national elective office will burn out their careers by jumping onto this political pyre.

    Sure, we will suffer some lost ground in the short term, but that ground is in Blue States which are already lost. And those losses are speeding up the end of the war and our final complete nationwide victory.

  8. I told my colleagues back in VA that this really does show that elections have consequences. They must have thought Bloomberg was bluffing when he bragged that they “Won in the NRA’s backyard” when McAuliffe got elected.

    It’s time the VA GOP stop putting hardcore social conservatives on the ticket in the commonwealth. I guarantee you could find 900 people throughout the state that couldn’t hold their noses long enough to vote for Obenshain, and that’s all it took for over six million CCP holders to lose their right to self defense.

    1. They also need to make sure their current officeholders don’t open themselves up to federal corruption investigations that taint the whole party. I guarantee you could just as easily find well over 900 Republican voters that either stayed home or voted third-party because of McDonnell’s shenanigans.

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