10 thoughts on “This is a Bad Video Campaign”

  1. Wow.

    I mean, WOW!

    “Americans are shot by toddlers at least once a week”

    So that’s, what, less than 100 shootings per year (not even deaths; just shootings), from all across America?

    Let’s put that in perspective: 100 shootings is a quiet weekend in Chicago.

    1. Well, once a week is 52 or 53 times a year. Not exactly a stat that’s setting my hair on fire.

    2. And I bet even that number they wave around is utter B.S. Something deliberately misrepresented or cherry picked the same way the anti-gunners casually define 19 year old gang bangers as “children”.

      1. Case in point: this story from the Washington Post


        Where “kids” and “children” are defined as anyone younger than 18 years old!

        And this wasn’t just some editorial, or a regurgitated press release from an anti-gun organization, this was a story by the supposed “expert” the Washington Post has on staff.

        The rot goes very deep in the Ruling Class News Media.

  2. It’s a good ad from a gun control perspective. It takes a position we have, flips it and then demeans it. It has just enough “truthiness” to make someone shake their head at the idea that, “guns don’t kill people, people do.”

    Yeah, it’s a strawman argument. Laugh all you want, but ads like this move the needle. We ignore them at our peril.

  3. Not so bad that Hillary didn’t reference it (if obliquely) in tonight’s debate


    October 19@6:14 PM Stephen Green

    Trump is out of his depth talking about Heller, but he did turn it around on Clinton.

    Clinton seems to believe that Heller has unleashed hordes of gun-wielding toddlers on the nation, which you have to admit would make an excellent episode of The Walking Dead.

    1. I would have been shocked if Hillary didn’t bring up the toddler meme. These guys use focus groups to test language, concepts and images. The toddler meme is the result of that. There is no coincidence; it was planned and timed for the debate.

      We will see the meme rolled out in a coordinated way, though this time the media (news) outlets will make it look like natural coverage in the news cycle. They tipped their hat in the past by getting all the MSM to report it within milliseconds of each other and the gun controllers, using near identical language.

      So expect to hear more about the evil toddlers some time tomorrow, right before the weekend. It’ll pick up again on Monday. The stories should be more diverse and more like regular coverage of a “growing discourse”.

      That also means if they think it gets traction they’ll ride it hard.

  4. Would love to know how many are legit vs. ADs NDs _blamed_ on toddlers to escape responsibility.

    1. I would say all of them, since it it negligent to leave a firearm where a toddler could access it. Of course you would have to break out the number from the hood where the perps just toss the gun after a crime.

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