Amratix to Release Second Smart Gun?

Smart Gun Error

According to ComputerWorld, the company is planning to introduce the iP9, a 9mm pistol. This company couldn’t even make a reliable .22 pistol.

The iP9 is expected to retail for about the same suggested retail price as the iP1 — $1,365, which is more than twice the price of many conventional 9mm semi-automatic pistols. While smart gun technology will always bring with it a price premium, Tweraser said that’s to be expected, and he compared it to a Tesla electric car.

You could get a decent defensive pistol and a quality quick-open safe with that kind of money, and that would be a far better option. As long as politicians are interested in smart-gun mandates, there’s no way they are going to get any retailers to sell this thing, because we’ll ruin any retailer that cooperates with Armatix and thus cooperates with the politicians looking to pick smart guns as the winner out of the gate.

I have no issue with smart gun technology per se, if it were allowed to succeed or fail in the open marketplace, but politicians who hate guns are never going to allow that to happen. If this ends up on the market, it will be mandated, as is already the case in New Jersey. So screw Armatix: if they think you’re getting back into the US market without a fight, they’re dreaming.

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  1. I can tell you one thing for sure. The Oak Tree Gun club will not be one of their dealer here in California. I think they learned a valuable lesson in economics the last go round.

  2. So is that $1,365 for the pistol plus the activating watch?

    Or is it $1,365 for a paperweight and an extra $399 for the watch that turns it into a pistol?

    For that kind of money, not only can you get a conventional pistol and a quick-access safe, you can also get a training class or two, a range membership, and a pile of ammunition to practice with.

    I know which one I would take. ;)

  3. Two ruger american pistols, and a safe with a few bucks left over. I know what choice I would make.

  4. The article actually says it will have a fingerprint reader, not an RFID watch like the .22LR version.

    I am very, very skeptical they have developed a fingerprint reader that is reliable enough for a self-defense tool under real world conditions. But we’ll see, I guess.

  5. I’m wondering who’s funding Armatix, cause last time I check (when the first 22LR kerfuffle happened), they were losing money fast.

    1. Good question. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if Armatix was a wholly owned and controlled front-group for Bloomberg. And the only purpose they serve is to produce political results, not any profit.

  6. When I see cops clamoring to get these new guns I’ll think about it, until then it’s just a gimmick in my book.

    1. Well, it is a 9mm. Do you suppose Mayor de Blasio will insist the NYPD replace their Glocks with the Armatix?

  7. Look to the anti-gun states copying Commiefornia practices when it comes to unicorn technology like so-called “smart hanguns” or “microstamping”.

    In Commiefornia they passed a law requiring any new handgun to have “microstamping” to qualify for the absurd “safe handgun” roster. And our FFL can’t sell any handgun which is not on the roster. In practice this has slowly reduced the number of types of pistols still legal to sell in Commiefornia to a tiny fraction of what is legal in the rest of the nation.

    It’s a big reason why Glock still makes generation 3 handguns, since Glock can’t legally sell later generations in California.

  8. I will trust smartgun technology when I see the USSS using it on the Presidential detail. Considering how those clowns lose firearms, it better be soon.

  9. I will never buy such a gun, even if the cops start clamoring for it. I will not have a gun that the feds can disable with a backdoor code or an EMP.

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