Heller & Toddlers

I’m guessing we uncovered a bug in Hillary’s latest firmware update when she mentioned that the issue at hand in the Heller case was protecting toddlers. It’s like she watched the latest Brady video, and that confused the programming.

Fortunately, Hillary has the shills at Politifact to cover for her. Because DC claimed its safe storage laws were meant to protect babies from guns, of course it must be true! Because gun control people always raise the “For the Children” cliche, it is perfectly valid and factual.

Fact: the word “child” nor “toddler” can be found at all in the Heller decision. It was about whether a 66 year old security guard was allowed to keep a firearm in the home and ready for self-defense. Hillary Clinton has said she is opposed to the Heller decision. When she claims that this is about the children, she is out-and-out lying.

4 thoughts on “Heller & Toddlers”

  1. The truth doesn’t matter any more in politics than it does in court. IT matters who can be swung to your side for enough time to cast a vote. branding the restrictions DC had and some places still have despite heller as toddler protection is sheer brilliance and the fact that someone didn’t have a coached counter to that is sheer stupidity.

    it’s going to be a very difficult next 8 years…

  2. I don’t know why everyone is surprised. The coordination between Clinton and anti-gun organizations goes back decades. Remember the 2000 Million Mom March, supposedly organized by a regular mom? Started by a woman named Donna Dees-Thomases, sister-in-law to Susan Thomases, who happen to be Hillary Clinton’s personal attorney at the time. I’m *SURE* that’s purely coincidence.

  3. “Child” or “children” appear a half dozen times, in Breyer’s dissent. Of course, anyone with a modicum of sense knows that the dissenting arguments are not the decision, and have no relevance other than to document arguments against the decision.

    Now, Hillary, being a lawyer, knows all this. She’s counting on the American people NOT knowing it so that she can perpetrate her lie. Unfortunately, for the most part, she’s not wrong.

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