What We’re Up Against

This tirade against millions of Americans who value the Second Amendment shows what we’re up against:

But not quite. Perhaps money is the real answer. I think that Russell Simmons, Arianna Huffington, George Soros and other limousine liberals should gather their forces and raise enough money from the wealthy who are actually interested in our civilization. With enough money, they just might be able to put a hole in the bucket of the gun lobby.

We have to match actions like this with those of our own.  As I mentioned yesterday, Bloomberg seems intent on creating a well financed and effective 527 organization to push gun control.

In honor of Mr. Crouch’s suggestion, I have just donated 50 dollars to NRA-PVF and 100 dollars to NRA-ILA.  It’ll take a serious commitment on our part, in time and money, to defeat rich guys with an agenda like Bloomberg and Soros.  Given the choice betweeen a couple of rich guys who donate millions, and millions who donate a bit here and a bit there, politicians will generally go with the latter.  Bloomberg and Soros are still only two votes.

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  1. Yes, but what I don’t think I’ve seen before is a 527 organization pushing gun control. This could be a dud just like everything else, or it might not be.

  2. I agree that this is worthy of some attention and worry on our part. At this point, Bloomie has personally funded two brand new groups. MAIG hasn’t had much success in terms of legislation, but in terms of getting press, it has been a pretty decent investment for him.

    My concern is that now wealthy antis are starting to realize that the Brady model isn’t working. They clearly want alternatives and are willing to spend some money to experiment. Let’s just hope they don’t come across any magic formulas that work any better than the failing Brady model.

    I even look here in PA, and our local anti gun group started up a PAC. I don’t recall seeing any anti-gun state and local PACs before. It’s something new, and hopefully it won’t work. But, we should be concerned that they finally figured out they are failing and that they are willing to spend the dough to figure out something better.

  3. FTA:If John Travolta, an avid user of his private jet and a reported Republican, were to be stopped by law from purchasing an armed fighter plane, would the film actor suddenly be surrounded by the same people who sanctimoniously claim that the Constitution protects the private citizen’s right to buy and own an assault rifle?

    Where I live there is a gentleman who went to turkey for 3 months and bought several disassembled MIG fighter jets. I live by where he stores them and can stand on my porch and see about 15 of them. He is working dilligently to assemble them.

    I have also seen a functional privately owned MIG fighter aircraft. It crashed, though.

  4. The irony of this situation is that Bloomie and others of his ilk have millions of dollars for all the armed personal security they could ever want, and it is their underlings who will be sent out for milk and cookies, not the Great Ones themselves. This is of course in addition to whatever taxpayer security is provided.

    They tell us we are safer if we disarm. Not true, never has been, never will be. If it were so, they would not have body guards themselves.

    When government says it will have “a monopoly on force”, it lies. This monopoly is shared with criminals, and the unarmed law-abiding are in the middle. We will do the bleeding, not the Great Ones like Bloomie, Soros, Feinstein or Pelosi.

    The police in Binghamton came more than ah hour after the shootings occurred. Once they got the call, they responded quickly, but the call didn’t go out for a long time.

    So, an amendment to the old saying is required: “When seconds count, the police are just minutes away…if and when they get a call.”

  5. I wonder if we could get creative and work to file lawsuits against these people i.e.) something under RICO for trying to deprive Americans of their civil rights. Because that is what they are doing when you get down to brass tacks.

  6. Here in WI, W.A.V.E. (Wisconsin Anti-Violence Education) has been giving money to politicians for a long time (they get their cash from the Joyce foundation), so I’m pretty sure they need a PAC to do that?

  7. I should clarify – active PACs that didn’t just give to only the most serious gun banners. Ceasefire said they would target lawmakers in the middle of the state on one issue that they thought they could get them to support – one gun a month. Most of the groups with PACs just give to their bigtime urban supporters. Ceasefire was trying to make itself relevant outside of Philly.

    As for whether or not you need a PAC to give to candidates, it depends. It depends on how they give. The 527s are definitely cause for concern in that they don’t coordinate with candidates and can just insert themselves however they feel like on whatever issue they want.

  8. NYAGV PAC has done that for years giving some money and endorsements to candidates in Suffolk Co., the Rochester area and Buffalo in an attempt to appear more than just a NYC-based outfit.

  9. A couple of thoughts –

    Regarding Bloomberg and these ads, I think this is just very personal for him at this point. Virginia has pretty much given him the middle finger, soundly defeating Jean Devolites Davis largely because of her support of gun control and his flying down to capaign for her and then Bob McDownell actually delivering Blommie a letter pointing out that he would charge the Mayor with a felony if he made any more straw purchases. Of course, Bob should have just charged him and not given him a warning.

    As far as a new organization – it will be interesting to see who they get to run it. I wouldn’t shed a tear if Brady was rendered obsolete and our old enemies found themselves job less – cause thats what would happen. A new organization would be relucatant to hire folks with an arms length record of failure.

    At the same time, the incomeptance of Helmke and Brady et al really does help us. If Bloomberg was able to recruit someone like Wayne Pacelle to run an anti NRA organization, we’d be in trouble.

  10. Christopher Piper is the name listed in the 527 record Sebastian linked to in the post. The address is actually the building right across from our mutual friend. I checked out the tenets I could find on Google, and the most likely source is a law firm there. Interestingly, in the donations and expenditures that are withheld on the link, the address is the same one so we can’t find out the exact firm/consulting group/whatever they are using to run it.

    I agree with you on the Pacelle front. Let’s hope he always remains only an animal rights activist. :)

  11. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison owns a full functional MiG. He said publically before he wanted to bomb Microsoft HQ with it.

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