How Is This Better Than a Decent Quick Open Safe?

A new startup is looking to wedge “smart” technology onto a Glock handgun. It’s basically just a mechanical combination lock that gets over the grip. The Glock grip is already pretty stout for a lot of shooters, so I’m not sure how this is really going to work. This is what happens when non-gun people try to solve imagined problems without really having the background.

I actually like the alarm feature, and would love to see a quick open safe that alarms if it’s being mucked about with. But it’s absolutely silly to try to build this into the firearm itself. If only this much research, money, and effort went into making better, cheaper and more secure quick-open safes, rather than trying to solve the wrong problem, we might actually get somewhere!

Sheriffs Oppose Bloomberg Ballot Measure in Nevada

Question 1 on the Nevada Ballot is basically what Bloomberg successfully spent tons of money to get in Washington State. They are back for more of the gun rights pie in Washington, and you can be sure they will be in Nevada as well. Ballot fights almost always go to the side the spends on the most money. Sure, eventually Bloomberg will likely overreach and lose, but where will that be? We were successful at defeating handgun bans via ballot in the 1970s, but what about the new strategy of nibbling around the margins?

It’s useful that a majority of Nevada sheriffs have come out against Question 1.

“It really shows how gun violence is impacting various areas in our communities,” said Jennifer Crowe, spokeswoman for Nevadans for Background Checks. “They know it’ll make a difference and save lives.”

Ask Jennifer Crowe how much money she’s getting from Bloomberg. Rest assured, she’s paid, just like the people who went around to collect the signatures required.
Remember, they’ve been offered a compromise on this which involved full background checks for ever sale, and they rejected it out of hand. This isn’t and has never been about background checks. It’s about using the 4473 to create de-facto registration.