Glock Foregrip Dangers

Brillianter links to a video of a guy who ends up shooting himself in the hand with a Glock 18 when the foregrip he’s using comes off. Another good reason not to use them on Glocks is the fact that it makes it an AOW by ATF rules, because it’s no longer “designed to be fired by a single hand.”  On a Glock 18, which is already a machinegun, it’s fine, until you shoot yourself in the hand.

6 thoughts on “Glock Foregrip Dangers”

  1. To actually have any semblance of control over a full auto Glock, a foregrip is a requirment. The cyclical rate of the glock is insane and it’s almost impossible to control muzzle rise on such a light gun. The problem occurs when you cheap out and get a foregrip that uses spring loaded pressure and cheap plastic to keep the grip on the rail. You need a quality foregrip with a screw that continues through the slot in the rail.

    My NFA dealer has an LE sample converted Glock 34. The grip he put on is quite stable. After seeing this video a while ago we tried to pry the grip off, two people twisting and pulling, frame in a vice and and pulling hard enough forwars to flex the frame (we tried this on a cut away demo G17). That grip is going nowhere.

  2. Doesnt’ that forestock sorta defeat the nominal purpose of a machine pistol (concealability?)

  3. Two points;
    1) no foregrip should come off if properly installed. My TDI shorty grip has a screw that goes right through the slot in the rails.

    2) as far as I know, every time the ATF has tried to prosecute people for pistol with a foregrip, they have lost. Federal courts and congress both seem to think that pistol + foregrip still = pistol.

  4. I think the moral of the story is clear:

    Full auto pistols are stupid and impractical.

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