Nevada Ballot Measure Certified

Bloomberg NV Ballots

We’ll have another state ballot initiative for Bloomberg’s universal transfer ban, floating under the guise of “Universal Background Checks.” We have until the 2016 election to get ready for this.

Miller’s move served as an answer to a gun-rights political action committee, Nevadans for State Gun Rights, that filed a letter last week demanding Miller throw out the petition. The group said it found irregularities in petition filings in Storey County.

Since then, Don Turner, head of effort, said investigators identified “substantial compliance problems” in signatures filed in Lander County. Turner said a review of Washoe County signatures was just beginning. The state has 17 counties.

“There’s plenty of time to challenge the certification,” Turner said Monday. “We’re probably going to end up in court.”

So the challenge isn’t over, which is good. It’s going to be an uphill climb. The real problem we face is that Bloomberg has the money to keep making the hill higher and higher as we do. I don’t like being fatalistic, and I don’t like to lose. But the kind of money Bloomberg can throw at this movement can make a huge difference. I wish that weren’t the case, but it is. Most initiative laws have a germaneness requirement, and thank God, because if that were not the case he could float much worse hidden agendas under the guise of “background checks” than he is currently capable of doing.

Meanwhile, in Washington, Miguel notes that the Department of Licensing are essentially telling dealers they are on their own when it comes to interpreting I-594, but the Washington Department of Revenue has been quick to remind people that they still owe use tax on the value of the transfer. All these unintended consequences gun owners don’t think about need to be spread far and wide so that in the next state, maybe we have a chance to take Bloomberg’s margins down, with the aim to eventually educate enough gun owners to beat him. If not in Nevada, in another state.

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  1. It’s kind of sad how only a few billionaires will completely destroy the gun culture can and personal gun ownership within four generations. by the time Bloomberg dies gun rights and culture will be so damaged there will be less gun owners in the United States than in Britain nationwide.

    You have to be fatalist on this one because only thing left is the defiance. after Bloomberg gets private transfer bans passed in every state that has a ballot I nitiative then it will go for the complete ban of everything semi automatic. With full confiscation. But by then it won’t matter as gun ownership itself will be illegal and taboo.

    1. It’s not nearly that bad. First, we’ve defeated more dire ballot measures before. He’s having success with this because people don’t understand the consequences of what they are voting for and background checks sound good to them.

      Second, not every state has the ballot, and some states that do have initiative laws that could make things difficult and complicated. Most states east of the Mississippi do not have the ballot.

      1. Pussyfoot counter-ads from the NRA with the generic “it infringes on the 2nd amendment” bullshit needs to stop as well. Counter-ads need to be more graphic and energized.

      2. Think those very same initiatives that we defeated would’ve passed with a $5 million infusion? What if they go all in and $20 million infusions in 30 states at once?it’s not that people don’t understand the consequences it’s just they don’t give a shit because they don’t feel it affects them.

  2. Looks like I need to roll up my sleeves and get to work once we arrive in NV in Feb.

  3. FYI:

    Nevadans for State Gun Rights issued the following statement Tuesday in response to the certification of the Nevada Background Check Initiative.

    “In disregard of a formal complaint documenting violations of Nevada state laws and administrative codes in the “universal background check” initiative, Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller released a “notice of sufficiency of petition” on December 8, 2014. The Nevadans for State Gun Rights PAC is analyzing the ballot initiatives in 11 of the state’s 17 counties. Initial results of this analysis have shown irregularities and violations of Nevada state laws and Secretary of State Administrative Codes regarding the ballot initiative. Official records from two counties certified by the Secretary of State show that the initiative petitions were submitted after the statutory deadline, signature pages were not in compliance with the law and that notarized statements regarding the truth of the signatures were notarized before some of the signatures were obtained. In spite of a detailed complaint filed with the Secretary of State’s office, no response has been made to the complaint, and the two counties who received notifications in violation of state law were included in the certification document as being acceptable.”

    “If the Secretary of State cannot comply with his own laws and rules, the petition validation process is seriously flawed and the results and certification are invalid. The Nevadans for State Gun Rights PAC will continue to file these complaints with public officials until the law is followed. The state cannot be allowed to violate its own laws and regulations.”

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