How Is This Better Than a Decent Quick Open Safe?

Smart Gun Error

A new startup is looking to wedge “smart” technology onto a Glock handgun. It’s basically just a mechanical combination lock that gets over the grip. The Glock grip is already pretty stout for a lot of shooters, so I’m not sure how this is really going to work. This is what happens when non-gun people try to solve imagined problems without really having the background.

I actually like the alarm feature, and would love to see a quick open safe that alarms if it’s being mucked about with. But it’s absolutely silly to try to build this into the firearm itself. If only this much research, money, and effort went into making better, cheaper and more secure quick-open safes, rather than trying to solve the wrong problem, we might actually get somewhere!

6 thoughts on “How Is This Better Than a Decent Quick Open Safe?”

  1. You are missing the link. I eventually found an article about this at Forbes. It really is a stupid idea.

  2. I want a gun that goes off if I look at it wrong. That would be a very safe gun because I would be extremely careful with it.
    Put a goofy combination lock on a gun and somebody will get shot with it when he carelessly leaves it where his dog can paw it or chew on it. It will be just another crazy story on Drudge, “Dog With Safe Gun Shoots Man”.

  3. One of the examples this is intended to help is someone committing suicide with the “family gun.” How would they not know the combination? Why do I get a feeling they have never held a gun, including their own?

    Best part of the article, from the makers:
    ““We’re building the system to be more reliable than a (traditional) handgun,” Weinberg says”

    Nothing says durable like homemade additions to reliable firearms…

  4. A quick-open safe doesn’t need to be replaced when you buy a different model handgun, for one thing

  5. $1,300 for a Glock made less reliable and even bulkier? Why, who wouldn’t jump at the chance for that!

    I believe this falls into the self-thworting category of dangerous developments.

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