Nevada Being Primed for More Bloomberg Funded Ballot Initiatives

Nevada voters very narrowly approved a ballot measure that ended private firearms transfers, at least officially. Unofficial the law is unenforceable, and most chief LEOs in the state aren’t going to enforce it. But the purpose never was to just get a private transfer ban in place and then move on. The purpose is to build the organization necessary (even if it’s paid organization funded by Bloomberg) to rinse and repeat on the ballot, nibbling away at the edges until they get something they really want. The groundwork is now being laid to put a magazine ban on the ballot in Nevada. This is why you need to convince people to vote “no.” I don’t care how sensible it sounds. I don’t care even if it is sensible. By voting yes, you will be enabling Bloomberg to keep going back again and again. We’ve seen it in Washington, and now Nevada has signaled it is willing to follow the same model. You know where I’ll bet he won’t be headed back to the ballot trough? Maine. Because Mainers told him to go f*** himself.

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  1. Gun control is “dead” in Maine for the foreseeable future. Maine voters passed four (4) problem-laden referendums in November — and Bloomberg’s background check referendum was the ONLY one that did not pass (despite outspending us 5 to 1). This sent a powerful message across the state (and the nation).

    The Maine legislature will have its hands full in 2017 “cleaning up” the mess voters made on the four (4) passed referendums. Little or no time will be available for gun control related legislation.

    The next chance for a gun control related referendum question will be in 2018. However, referendum campaigns have to be started AT LEAST one year before the election — if no initiative is announced in 2017 we should be ok for the 2018 election.

    This will be a good time to rest up, continue to push our gun rights agenda, and prepare for the next battles that will be sure to come at some point.

    May God help Nevada (and Arizona – which is also being targeted by Bloomberg).

    1. “The republicans just formed a pro second amendment caucus in the house…”

      Having a caucus talk about gun rights is going to be so much better than just having individual candidates talk about gun rights.

  2. At least in Colorado we took away the ballot (or at least made it 10x more difficult). But without help at the Federal level (court or legislative) I think colorado’s gone too blue to stay very gun friendly.

    1. We can thank the 1986 Simpson-Missouli Act and unchecked, unfettered, and out of control inmigration for turning Colorado Blue, but then again, the trash from New York and California moving to Colorado, starting back in the ’90’s, have also contributed to that.

  3. SHOT Show should come to Grand Rapids, Michigan, considering Las Vegas and Nevada as a whole are now more like California with regatds to the 2nd Amendment!I live in Allegan County, Michigan though,45 minutes from Grand Rapids, but, its a great city, not to far from Lake Michigan!XD, hahaha. Seriously though, Nevada is lost thanks to the leftwing, communist, mounds of political manure that have moved out of California and Oregon, but the PRIMARY reason it has turned blue is because of……ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!! As someone who has a big family with my Paternal side being Dominican, aka, Hispanic, and with a lot of Hispanic family members living out in Nevada amongst 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation hispanic Nevadans, those relatives and their friends will tell you outright, that this current wave of migrants from Latin America that are settling in Nevada, (and other states that were once swing/red states turning into blue/swing states like Arizona, Colorado, and Georgia) have not been good to/for their communities and as we can all see, have shifted the political atmosphere to/for the worse. My second Cousin, his family with 4 kids and several friends in his neighborhood are considering moving to the Great Lakes region, and they’ve all said along side of me seeing that these California/Oregon transplants combined with illegal aliens have ruined Nevada. Taxes have all gone up, poverty rates are up and rising, and, crime rates have skyrocketed, all in correlation and are of direct causation from the demographic changes.

    It is ever more important that after this past 2016 Election Cycle, that the GOP and for the matter, the 2nd Amendment-Gun Rights side to start realizing that we must anchor down roots in the Rust-Belt region. States like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, and Iowa are states that our side needs to turn into at least swing states that lean Republican. We need things like Constitutional Carry in the Rust-Belt States I mentioned, and because those states are seeing economic revivals, they will be gaining population again, and therefore, will gaining votes on the Electoral Map again in the future. I should know, considering that I have now lived in Michigan for only 1 month, and I have met many, YOUNG New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Jersey transplants here in the Grand Rapids/Battle Creek metro are of the South West portion of my new home state. Thankfully though, these transplants haven’t brought the liberal stench of those states with them, and a lot of NJ and NY transplants here are outright 2nd Amendment supporters, and, are not privy to the Democratic Party.

    1. “Nevada is lost thanks to the leftwing, communist, mounds of political manure that have moved out of California and Oregon” because their political influence has made both states unaffordable for people that aren’t multimillionaires or welfare recipients.

    1. I left NV 20 years ago as a wave of CA refugees was arriving to escape the results of their bad voting habits.

      I feel bad for the Nevada natives who are losing their state to liberal carpet baggers.

  4. Oh, it isn’t just Bloomberg referendum attacks at work here…

    “The Clark County Democrats who were swept back into control of the Legislature during last month’s election should feel emboldened to take action on the issue during the 2017 session, given that the background check initiative passed by more than 100,000 votes here.”

    It is Democratic Party triumphalism at work. Since the Democrats have seized control of the Nevada legislature, they are feeling empowered to impose even more draconian gun-control.

    Let this be a warning to all… The Democratic Party is the Party of Gun Control. Stop them before they stomp on you too.

  5. Question One passed by less than one half of one percent of the vote. We must first call for a RECOUNT of ALL Clark County votes….as EVERY county except Clark county rejected Question One.
    I have zero doubt that a thorough review of all ballots from Clark County will find a massive number of ineligible ballots that when removed from the results would reverse this and make Question One a LOSS.

    Next we need to put on the ballot an initiative that BANS under penalty of prison ANY person or organization from attempting to create or pass any laws by any process including the initiative process if they are NOT proven residents of the state. No party from outside the state would be permitted to fund in any way any such questions and any person or company who incorporates in Nevada or creates a residency for the sole purpose of doing so would also be guilty. If we can get outsiders OUT of state politics such insanity as Question One would never see the light of day.

    1. Laws that ban out-of-staters from collecting signatures are unconstitutional. The solution is to eliminate the ballot initiative. I believe ballot initiatives violate the guarantee clause of the constitution, and should be unconstitutional.

      1. The Constitution makes ZERO mention regarding this. Making it illegal for Bloomberg to fund initiatives in Nevada is no more
        unconstitutional than making it illegal for the Chinese gov to donate money to a POTUS candidate they prefer.

  6. As a NV resident, I hope you are wrong but fear you may be right. I really don’t want to move again. I can’t imagine any local LE outside of Clark County trying to enforce a gun control law if they want to be re-elected but the possibility exists for state enforcement. NV has the typical problem for the West of a big leftist city full of imported voters-legal or illegal- imposing its values on the rest of the state.

  7. Not an NV resident, but we’re stationed here right now. Hoping for a recount, there’s been a lot of talk of shenanigans.

    As in many places, it’s absurd that one metro area can force itself on the rest of the state.

  8. I think all of us who will attend the SHOT Show next month needs to remind every waiter, waitress, food service worker, maid, cook, union worker, etc. that voting for any more gun control will cost them their jobs. Tell them that you won’t be back if they go along with what their union bosses are telling them. The Int. Culinary Union provided the Democrats with a lot of votes at the behest of that slimey bastard Harry Reid.

    I am firmly of the opinion that the SHOT Show MUST be moved out of Las Vegas along with the Safari Club meeting. I’d pressure any and all conservative leaning group to join a boycott of Nevada until the laws are changed. Make those voting for gun control feel economic pain.

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