Got Nuthin’

I spent the weekend doing good and wholesome thing like making beer, so I did not keep up with the news. I’ll go digging for stories later and post something later. I hate making beer during the summer, because other than the oppressive temperatures and humidity, I have to heat exchange the tap water with a bucket of ice water to get the wort chilled enough. My summer beers will be a Saison and a Leftover concoction that will resemble vaguely and American Amber Ale. It was just to use up ingredients.

Meanwhile, what do you guys think of this? I don’t think it’s any substitute for a good quick-open safe, but it has some interesting features. I think this is the kind of outside the box thinking that isn’t happening when (usually anti-gun) people are thinking about smart guns:

It’s being developed by Zore, which is an Israeli company. At the very least this should encourage safe makers to up their game. I’d love to have a safe that would tell me when someone is diddling with the lock, lets me know the door is open or the tumbler hasn’t been randomized or locked if I leave the house.

11 thoughts on “Got Nuthin’”

  1. The zore x comes closest to something I’d tolerate. Safe manufacturers should take note.

  2. Here’s some news, latest polls have 538 election model predicting Trump chance of victory at 57%.

  3. A device that fits on the gun that can be unlocked by touch … that can be a good thing.

    Runs on batteries. That’s a bad thing.

    The smart phone monitoring is nifty but I don’t even have a dumb phone so I don’t really have an opinion of that.

  4. Israeli’s really love empty chambers, don’t they? Anybody here have their carry gun with the chamber empty? To use this thing, it would be diddling with the loaded gun many times a day. For just $200? Think I’ll pass.

  5. RE cooling wort. I too have to use a copper immersion coil in the summer that’s in an ice bath.

    Otherwise, you’ll spend beau coup hours to get it down to pitching temperature. 10 Gallon batches take an unacceptable amount of time to cool if you don’t. I use a 50ft 3/8″ coil in the ice bath and a similar length as the wort chiller.

    You are doing it right.

    1. I use a plate chiller, but these days I’m starting to wonder if plate chillers really do any better a job than immersion chillers. I’ve heard arguments that immersion chillers actually do a better job at clarifying beer because you leave both the cold and hot break behind. I’m not sure whether I buy that, but I haven’t done the comparison.

      1. Hi Sebastian,

        I have a copper wort chiller if you want it. :-)

        I don’t know the length but it fits in a 5-gallon bucket
        and looks kind of like this:

        I’d be honored to pass it on. I’ve read your blog for years, and I really appreciate that gun owners have a public voice as reasonable and practical as yours. And if quicker brew times contribute to your sanity, it will be put to good use. Send me an email and I’ll drop it in the mail.

        1. Thanks a lot for the offer, but I do have one myself. That’s what I use to pre-chill the water before it goes into the plate chiller in summer when the water isn’t cool enough on its own.

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