11 thoughts on “Democratic VP candidate announced”

  1. Supports no fly lists, UBCs, mag bans, adding more places to restricted carry list… Standard issue “moderate” Dem a la Bob Casey. Especially when one contrasts his pre- and post- gubernatorial statements.

    Could have been worse. She could have nominated Pocahontas Warren. Instead she chose to further alienate the Bernie voters.

  2. She didn’t waste any time going after guns and the NRA in the press conference introducing kaine. Looks like they are going to run with it. Hope it is a losing tactic that they are taking.

  3. Apparently Kaine was on Meet the Press last week dogging Hillary about her classified info shenanigans. Talking about how she lives by a different set of rules and should be punished. Bad news when your VP is dogging you on national TV.

    1. That’ll make some fascinating campaign ads. Especially from the various groups that aren’t allowed to coordinate with the Trump campaign…

  4. As a resident of VA circa 2006-2013 I can say I’m quite familiar with Kaine. From what I’ve read as Mayor of Richmond and even when he was Governor of VA he was a centrist Democrat in today’s terms. I think his appointment to the RNC is what most likely transformed him into a partisan hack and his subsequent election to Senator solidified it.

    I don’t see how this helps Clinton a whole lot. She’s obviously trying to shore up VA in November, but her choice is bound to piss off progressives who are trying to hold their nose to vote for her, and Kaine has plenty of baggage for Trump to go after.

    1. She needs to shore up VA. She’s going to lose some reliably Democratic voters around the Beltway because of the email shenanigans; not every one who knows they would have been canned or worse for much less, but some.

      1. Hate to say it but if she carries VA the path to victory gets a lot tougher for Trump. He would have to carry FL and OH at a minimum and then either PA or an assemblage of smaller states like IA, CO, and NH.

        To be honest I’m a little less worried about government types this cycle, as both candidates would be good for the defense industry. What Trump needs to be worried about are the ever-growing number of Hispanics in NoVA. Fairfax is pretty much a lost cause and even Loudon and Prince William are starting to turn blue due to the demographics in the eastern ends of both counties. Trump needs a huge turnout elsewhere in the state.

  5. Hillary probably knew the VA supreme court wasn’t going to let McAuliffe’s blanket pardon of 200,000 felons stand. Kaine was Plan B to keep VA in play.

  6. Kaine’s veto of campus carry for VA after the Virginia Tech massacre was absolutely despicable and should be used as a framework to attack the entire anti gun political complex. Yet for some reason our side has lacked either the competence or the fortititude to do so. How much easier can it get to hold them accountable than when they literally tell all of us that after 30 people are killed that the rest of us are legally required to die along with them the next time?

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