Australian Media on the Gun Issue in 2008

Obama needs to pick a veep who is good with gun owners, says  He’s not the only one though.  Of course, the funny thing about this is the Australian media isn’t to up on a lot of our politicians:

There are two front runners. Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia is just like his state – a mix of progressive ideals and conservative values of the old rural south. A pro-gun, pro-life, Church-going family man from the heartland but also a Harvard educated lawyer and greenie.

Governor Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania is described by his local newspaper as “a laughing, back-slapping, forearm-squeezing, all-pro schmoozer”.

He is a political warhorse, renowned for his love of shooting and football as much as his formidable reputation for fundraising, grass roots organising and delivering his key state to Democratic candidates.

His prowess helped Clinton to a 10-point win in Pennsylvania.

Ed Rendell and Tim Kaine are both gun lovers?  That’s news to me.  Last I checked Kaine is getting behind a new round of gun control initiatives in Virginia, and Rendell is trying to bulldog the legislature into passing more gun control laws.  Let’s also not forget that as Mayor of Philadelphia, Rendell pioneered the idea of suing the gun industry out of existence as a public nuisance.

5 thoughts on “Australian Media on the Gun Issue in 2008”

  1. Obviously it’s an issue of perspective. They’re not advocating open confiscation of the majority of firearms so to an anti-gun Aussie, that’s a “gun lover”.

  2. What Thirdpower said. That, plus the fact that at least Kaine, and I suspect even Rendell nowadays, are “gun-lovers” by comparison to Obama, which is good enough for most Democrats.

  3. As a former employee of Rendell (PA Civil Servant), I would not recommend him for any office whatsoever. He is a drooling anti gun liar. He is nothing more than a second rate political hack.


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