Stockpiling Ammunition

Dave Hardy tell us that Virginia Governor Tom Kaine is troubled that anyone can just stockpile ammunition, because the Virginia Tech nut job had 377 rounds.   The last time I did an inventory, I had approximately 10,000 rounds of ammunition in my basement, in various calibers.  I’m pretty sure that many of you out there can beat this handily.   I think Tom Kaine, if this is really his sentiment, needs to get a clue.

3 thoughts on “Stockpiling Ammunition”

  1. 377 rounds is stockpiling, huh?

    If Kane is troubled by this, Kane is no friend of ours, and obviously afraid of that evil thing…liberty.

  2. You’ve got me beat by…8,500 rounds or so; but I’m also not counting loose roundballs for the muzzleloaders in that number.

  3. Top IPSC shooters burn 40,000 to 100,000 rounds a year.
    A lot of bullseye shooters probably do too.

    I used to use over 20,000 rounds of shotgun ammo a year at skeet and trap and I was just a casual shooter.

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