Jerry Brown Signs Serialization Bill

Jerry Brown signed the bill that requires serial numbers on all firearms. The basic law says that anyone who manufactures, sells or transfers a firearm must have a serial number engraved on it that has been assigned by the California DOJ. Based on my reading of the bill, it exempts antiques, curios and relics, and any long gun manufactured before the Gun Control Act. So it will at least, as far as I can tell, not compel people to take collectable firearms and destroy their value by defacing them.

12 thoughts on “Jerry Brown Signs Serialization Bill”

  1. So it will at least, as far as I can tell, not compel people to take collectable firearms and destroy their value by defacing them.

    Until CA AG Kamela Harris takes a page out of the MA AG’s book, and unilaterally decides that ALL firearms being transferred or sold must have a serial number, despite the written statute specifically exempting them.

    Leftists gotta leftist.

  2. I’m so glad that California is passing this law! Now we can get serial numbers for all those “ghost guns” that people are making illegally.

    Particularly for all those guns that gang members are making, to enforce their territory, because we all know that if gangs are making guns, they are just itching to ask California DOJ to get a number for them, so that California could know about them!


    1. actually this help explain what was going on. I couldn’t remember the last time that a firearm I bought didn’t have a serial number….

      1. Of course, regardless of motive for making a ghost gun, the irony of such a law is that the primary attraction of making such a gun is that the government has no idea that such a thing exists…

  3. That’s some Bs right there. How will this even be enforced? Will CA DOJ agents be hovering behind all AR shooters at ranges checking out if lowers have serial numbers?

      1. Good thing it’s real hard to prove when an AR receiver was made, and that making them was well-known and widespread before this was signed…

        1. I think it reads any gun made after 1968, when the GCA was passed into law. How many 80% receivers are sitting around from before then? They want ALL those AR lowers registered. (They’ll come around later on to collect them.)

          I’m wondering which of the states will be stupid enough to set off their own (un)civil war? CA, NY, MA, etc… You know, the ones still screwing around with gun bans. If they are stupid enough to pass them, they are stupid enough to expect them to be gathered up by their badge toters eventually. What’s the point, otherwise? Deliberately creating conditions that may lead to widespread violence should be punishable with tar and feathers.

          First rule of leadership: never give an order, or pass a rule, that you know will be ignored.

    1. Force sellers and makers of 80-percent receivers to apply (registered?) serial numbers to their products?

  4. I first read that as “sterilization” bill. The progressive golden age is back!

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