Dems Introduce HEART Act

No teaching your kids shooting with scary looking rifles, because they just HEART you and your kids, you see… totally more than you do, so they get to make the calls.

“Even at a shooting age and under professional guidance, a semi-automatic rifle in a child’s hands is a tragedy waiting to happen,” Mr. Markey said. “These weapons are not toys and children should not be allowed to play with them. They are simply too powerful and too difficult for a child to control.”

What the hell does Ed Markey know about firearms training? The purpose of this is to prevent us from passing the culture on to future generations so they have better odds of killing off the hunting and shooting culture off in the future.

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  1. As someone who has outfitted all of the kids’ 10/22s with Black Hawk Axiom stocks for the singular reason that it makes it so they can use the firearm, I’m always left wondering how assault weapons bans haven’t been challenged on disability/accessibility grounds?!

    Being able to make the firearm fit the users is far preferable in every regard, the least of which being safety, as opposed to making the user try to fit the firearm.

  2. Good God, they are fools. The “instructor” was killed with a fully-automatic Uzi.

  3. Yeah, them 10/22s are uncontrollable and powerful because self-loaders and reasons.

    Damned fools.

  4. There are stupid laws, but this idiocy is beyond stupid.

    I know an 11-year-old B-class USPSA shooter who shoots both carbines (rifles) and pistols. She can shoot better than MOST ADULTS, because her grandfather has taught her. She whoops up on me regularly. But her grandfather would be a FELON under this proposed law.

    And this of what this would do to APPLESEED, for Heaven’s sake. Idiocy, or intentional destruction of the gun culture in the next generation.

    If this hot mess becomes law, I guess I will just be a felon, because I will still instruct kids how to shoot. I don’t think it has a chance of passing the House or Senate, but it just shows you how much Congressional Democrats HATE armed citizens.

  5. I might also add, what’s up with the instructor’s family getting on board with this bill? I would have assumed them to be smarter than this.

  6. I didn’t see a link to actual text, but I’m very curious what “transfer” means in this context. Especially so in any legislation where “transfers” i.e. allowing anyone else to touch a firearm, even for a few seconds requires a background check.

    I do feel like we do an inadequate job pushing back on rhetoric of “lax” gun laws as well as pointing out how challenging it is to comply with so many stupid laws.

    1. No text in the link, but the author did say this: “Not at a gun range, not at a gun show, not while hunting, not anywhere, anytime,” Mr. Markey said. Usually they lie about these laws playing down what the text actually says. Either this is the first honest gun banner, or the law is calling for the execution of any parent who lets their child so much as look at a gun, an image of a gun, or even catch a wiff of Hoppes no. 9

  7. Just another law that if passed is unenforceable and will be blatantly ignored by local law enforcement in ‘friendly’ states.

    1. Oh, it will be enforced….. selectively. Does any member of your state level NRA have kids? Automatic grounds for random execution of Federal warrant and confiscation of any long guns in the home.

  8. It looks like the language will probably be for “assault weapons” and not all semi-autos. We all know that one of the defining characteristics of so-called “assault weapons” is the shape of its grip, and the presence of a fore grip. When they attempt to justify felony prohibitions based on handles, they claim these weapons are more deadly because these grips make them easier to control putting more shots on target faster. But here they are claiming “assault weapons” are harder to control, and more prone to muzzle rise(???). Because two kids couldn’t control muzzle rise on automatic weapons, we need to make sure they have a harder time controlling semi-autos too… because gun safety.

    Damn, these people are idiots. There, I said it.

  9. I followed the links all the way to the kids video testimonial. Everything in the video talks about machine-gun and fully automatic weapons.

    Yet the online petition and language of the bill also bans any transfer of “semi automatic assault weapons” (whatever the hell that is, since it is left undefined)

    Cleary there is a terrible bait and switch con-job going on here. The question is how high up the chain the marks go. The Democrats behind the legislation clearly know exactly the con game they are playing. The lawyers group representing the kids might be part of the con or they might be idiots. Two of those kids are 16 and 20 and are old enough to know better, but maybe they don’t know how they are being exploited for anti-gun legislation.

  10. They want to take control over children away from families, who may not be politically correct leftists like them, and give it to government officials who they can require by law to enforce laws that support their leftist, gun ban agenda. I would tell them to keep their commie fingers off my kids.

  11. Yes, well, we all know conservatives have no heart. This isn’t news. They are just throwing out an opportunity to prove it in advance of the election. Standard wedge issue tactics. Yawn.

  12. Ed Markey is one of the most ignorant law makers there is. He wouldn’t know a pistol from a blow dryer.
    He has constantly been trying to pass legislation for “smart guns’ and apparently doesn’t know that there are NONE that can be sold in his home state of Ma. (confusion) because they have not been tested or approved to be Ma. Compliant.
    It makes no difference to Markey that more young people are dying in Ma. from heroin overdoses than gun violence. He does nothing about that.
    He is well known for his trying to pass laws without fully researching the effects or even if such acts are physically possible.
    No Ed Markey thinks that he can come into your home and family and tell YOU how to train your children in regards to gun safety and shooting of
    Everyone needs to call or write this clown and tell him no one invited him into your home to tell you whats best for you to do with your own children. sport or hunting.

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