More Consequences of Gun Control

Parents who just lost a kid who shot and killed a teacher and himself at the Sparks Middle School may end up facing charges because he got the gun from home.

Under Nevada law, it is illegal to allow anyone under 18 to handle a gun without supervision. The offense rises to a felony if there was substantial risk the child would use the firearm to commit a violent act. However, the law doesn’t apply if the gun was stored securely or if the child obtained the weapon unlawfully.

Years ago, back when kids routinely took guns to school so they could go hunting afterwards, or because they were on the school rifle or trap team, these things didn’t seem to happen. Maybe this has more to do with how we raise kids in protective bubbles today, and have low expectations for them when it comes to maturity and self-reliance, than it has to do with easy access to guns. Kids have never had tougher access to guns in our country’s history, and what is it accomplishing? Will jailing the parents who just lost a kid really benefit society?

UPDATE: And the cops weren’t automatically in itchy trigger finger mode when they noticed kids with guns either.

6 thoughts on “More Consequences of Gun Control”

  1. Bingo! Somebody give this blog’s creator a cigar!!!

    Well said, Sebastian! I believe you hit the nail on the head!!!!

    – Arnie

  2. So how come when it comes to 13 year olds with bb guns, the officers can shoot, hit and kill first try, but with real bad guys, they can empty off 100 rounds and barely even scratch the real perps?

  3. Those CA cops were just lazy if they didn’t know that kids in that area/field played airsoft. You can’t interact with the community if you don’t get out of your car once in awhile. Then again, community policing is dead and it’s long live the tactical occupation force.

  4. “Under Nevada law, it is illegal to allow anyone under 18 to handle a gun without supervision.”, but “the law doesn’t apply if […] the child obtained the weapon unlawfully.”

    I hope the law itself is written more clearly than that, because I would have to conclude from that paragraph that the law never applies, because by definition anyone under 18 who has a gun while being unsupervised, obtained it illegally.

    Anyway, I don’t agree with blanket blaming the parents for a minor child’s misbehavior, but just between us I do think it’s reasonable to hold a person responsible for crimes committed with a gun that they negligently left unsecured. And it seems like that may have been the case here.

  5. And,at the same time, a 14 year old maggot in Mass. killed a female teacher with a box cutter. To the sleazy antigun nuts,this is a non happening if no gun was involved

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