Buying Camo is Child Abuse?

Paul Ryan took a little time out of campaigning in Ohio to pick up some hunting gear for his daughter who wants to get out to the field with him this fall, apparently. She already has her own rifle, so he has truly walked the walk when it comes to passing his shooting sports traditions. And, of course, when it came out that he was buying camo gear for his daughter, some came out screaming child abuse.

I appreciate that they highlighted there was no such “concern” from the these same folks when Obama announced that he was comforted by the fact that his daughters are protected by guns. Yet, apparently, teaching a girl to safely use one of her own is just horrible. Sexism much?

6 thoughts on “Buying Camo is Child Abuse?”

  1. I’ll add to this post that a high school acquaintance just posted a photo on Facebook of her daughter wearing a camo tutu – on camo or tutu day at school. That’s some awesome parenting right there.

  2. A depressing trend in politics on both sides; it is not enough to defeat your opponent, they must also be destroyed in as many levels as possible.

    1. Exactly who does this little parable destroy the most? Ryan or the folks who got all wee-wee-ed up over a girl being given some camo clothes?

      Some one needs to remind these idiots that we now have females serving in the armed services wearing camo uniforms on a daily basis.

  3. Child abuse would be letting your children become out-of-shape couch potatoes or ignoring them altogether as they are growing up, not buying them outdoor clothing in order to take part in healthy outdoor family activities and mentoring.

    1. There are moments like this when I have to remember take off the tinfoil hat because I really wonder if some people would advocate for the state raising all children. You have a mom in Texas arrested for child endangerment for allowing her kids to play on the front lawn while supervised just because a neighbor said they weren’t supervised. You have people calling getting your kids involved in hunting or other outdoor sports child abuse – an assertion that will get your kids taken from you to be raised by the state. Yet, at the same time, if you keep them inside and away from the menace of outdoor activities and unsupervised play in your own yard, then you’ll also be labeled a bad parent because of the health factor. It seems like every time you turn around, some previously “normal” parent-child behavior is being labeled as a danger to children.

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