How Not to Win

I’m going to start a category of gun related posts entitled “How Not to Win”.  My intention is to point out issues within the pro-gun movement that I don’t think do us any favors politically, that don’t help win others over to our cause, and create barriers toward introducing new people to the shooting sports.  These three things are critical, because most statistics are showing the traditional hunting culture is contracting, and if all of us want to keep our boomsticks, we need to work at replacing them with different kinds of shooters.  As a community we certainly do a lot of squabbling among ourselves, , which is fine, even healthy, but at the end of the day, to quote Ben Franklin, we must hang together, or surely we will all hang seperately.

2 thoughts on “How Not to Win”

  1. Oh I’ve so got one to add to this after some stuff I read this morning. I’ll follow up when I have more time.

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