One in Five Dems Think Guns Should be Illegal

Both Joe Huffman and Gun Free Zone are writing about Vox survey which asked people whether certain guns should be banned by sight. Twenty percent of Democrats, that’s one-in-five, think even flare guns ought to be banned, and all surveyed folks are dead split on whether the Remington 700 ought to be banned. I haven’t seen the survey methodology to suggest whether it’s any good, so I’m not going to take this too seriously. But I keep saying we’re heading into heap big trouble if gun owners keep sitting on their collective posteriors.

I do think the other side is succeeding in building their movement back up again, and I believe this election has the potential to lay waste to gun rights. It’s gloomy, but I have a lot of reasons to feel gloomy about our prospects. I think a lot of people don’t believe we can end up back where we were in the 1990s. We absolutely can.

6 thoughts on “One in Five Dems Think Guns Should be Illegal”

  1. Please correct your title. 20% != “One in 20”.

    I’d like to see the survey methodology myself. If you can get 20% of Democrats to say ALL guns (including flare guns) should be banned, I’m sure the question can be duplicated/reworded to get a large portion of the population to say whatever you want.

    Imagine the outrage if:
    – 20% of Democrats say voting should be outlawed.
    – 20% of Democrats say learning to read should be outlawed.
    – 20% of Democrats say Due Process is racist and all white people should be shot on sight.

    Or best yet: 20% of Democrats say these crappy, questionable surveys should be outlawed.

    (The sad part is, you could probably make these results happen.)

  2. Everyone got this part wrong, but look at the graphs:
    33% of democrats want to ban orange flare launchers!

    Obviously it’s just prog propaganda, and the methodology will turn out to be crap in 6 months, but it’s still funny.

  3. Agreed about the other side possibly starting to build some kind of momentum, even though they have a habbit of getting over zealous, revealing their real intentions, and then sabotaging themselves. Given that the media is overwhelmingly anti-2nd Amendment, we will always be at a disadvantage. Too many gunowners have been apathetic for too long since DC V. Heller and even McDonald V. Chicago. I think the seeds of destruction regarding the 2nd Amendment were planted after the 2012 election when Obama got re-elected. That in and of itself should be the foreshaddowing of the loss of our 2nd Amendment rights in the future. Identity politics and racial, religious, and gender balkanization will be the end of our society and freedoms. Take a look at the 4 to 4 tie ruling regarding the case of Obama issuing executive amnesty. The 4 democrat judges gave the approval to set the precedent that the Executive Branch can create legislation……This is a total eviseration of the separation of powers, and if Obama manged to get Merrick Garland on the court, we would have had the 5th over 4 judges ruling that the Executive Branch can make legislation on the whim……that makes the country a dictatorship.

    When Hillary turns the SCOTUS to be an official Democrat rubberstamp, she will issue semi-harsh Executive Orders, like unilaterally putting “high capacity magazines” and “assault weapons” under NFA regulation. Court challenges to the Executive Orders will go in her favor, and then the physical gun bans at ALL levels of government will come through. The courts, as Democrat rubberstamps, will rule it constitutional for the police and even the Military to kick down your door and confiscate your guns. If you get arrested or killed in the procesd, well, the Democrats will just cheer.

  4. Ah, Vox.

    Mentioning MG3s, but not mentioning that only semiauto ones are “assault weapons” under those laws, and that there’s basically No Such Thing as a semiauto MG3.

    (And that a semiauto MG3 would be a hyperexpensive toy for enthusiasts, utterly useless for any plausible criminal activity, and itself no more powerful or dangerous than much more portable and useful rifles…

    But then that poll shows people evenly divided on a hunting rifle being “bannable” because, I presume, it has a scary bipod.

    But they always tell me “nobody wants your guns”.

    Just to, you know, ban them.

    Tooootally different.)

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