Don’t Ever Let Them Get Away With Calling You a Racist

Colion Noir

It’s not often I’ll get involved in the comments at Raw Story, since they aren’t really much above Gawker in the slime pits of the Internet, but a hit piece they put out on Colion Noir really pissed me off. First, is the misleading headline. He never said that. But some of the comments, including one person pasting a picture of an Oreo cookie, struck me as just outright racist. Others were more couched, but equally racist, such as suggesting this is all being orchestrated by “devious white people,” because Colion can’t be expected to hold his own opinions, you know. You see that theme repeated a couple of times. Colion is “shilling” for the NRA. He can’t possibly have come to his opinions on his own, I guess. Certainly he did not have a highly successful YouTube channel long before NRA even approached him. No sir! He’s a “dancing puppet.” who “sold his soul.” He’s a “token.”

Yeah, right. We’re the racists? Sure. I’m not the one who thinks opinions need to have a color.

13 thoughts on “Don’t Ever Let Them Get Away With Calling You a Racist”

  1. I think as much as racism, it’s sheer disbelief that everything isn’t organized top-down on the not-Left*.

    After all, look at all the Funds and Organizers and Institutions on the left, all pushing gun control from above; same with almost all the non-gun issues.

    It’s all they know, is the impression I get.

    (* Because I don’t think gun rights ought to be grouped with “the right”, but they’re certainly not Left, in current American politics.)

  2. Okay, rawstory may be a cesspit, but are they really to blame for this agit-prop? Or are they just being good little doggies for their masters? This bit sure leaped out at me…

    According to Media Matters, Noir accused Andy and Barbara Parker of launching a wrong-headed campaign of “grief-inspired advocacy” when they vowed to make sensible gun legislation their life’s work.

    Oh Ho, Media Matters again. So in essence all that the clown for rawstory did is regurgitate a story from Media Matters.

    Let us remember that Media Matters (in partnership with the Democratic Party and Bloomberg) have a dedicated anti-gun effort designed to poison the well of public debate, to discredit pro-gun groups and spokesmen, in order to elect Left wingers and Democrats. Media Matters is part of the larger kulturkampf the Left is waging on America.

  3. I don’t really care if someone is blue green mixed, lives in a same sex polygamous relationship and is 3’9″. If they’re into guns and shooting then we have a common interest and they’re pretty much alright in my book.

  4. Wow, so much underlying racism in the comments section of that article it makes my head spin. The very notion that he is “Doing his master’s bidding” takes the cake. At least one person flat-out called him an Uncle Tom.

    Oh yeah, NRA members are all racist. Tell me again who rushed to the defense of the Shaneen Allen, the single black mom who was facing serious jail time for running afoul of ridiculous NJ gun laws? Last I checked it wasn’t the bleeding hearts posting on that article.

    1. Guess what? All those racist posts are still there, but I’ve already been blacklisted and had two comments removed.

      What was removed? One reply complaining about the racist comments, and one reply bringing up the plight of Shaneen Allen. The Left will not brook any dissent! At least not any that strikes too close to home.

      1. I wrote too soon. All my comments have been removed.

        And all the comments from Lefties hysterically attacking Noir as an uncle tom are still there. Hilarious!

        That was certainly educational.

          1. It’s fascinating how even in a forum they dominate, they fear one voice which challenges them. It shows just how lockstep and unthinking their beliefs are. Very 1984.

  5. Among the comments were several calling the NRA terrorists and at least three or more desiring or advocating killing pro-gun Americans.

    1. One wonders how, given that they don’t believe in gun ownership, they expect that to be accomplished. Oh, right, they’re on the left. They want the government to do it for them…

      1. If it happens, then there we are, but I don’t expect it to. The Clinton administration did some looking into the feasibility of using police/military for firearms confiscation and didn’t like the answer they got. I don’t expect that answer has changed a whole lot.

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