A Defense of Free Speech

Ace of Spades has an excellent article speaking of something that’s been bothering me in the whole reaction to the judicious marksmanship on the part of the Traffic Officer in Texas:

I do wish to not overly attack people I like and genuinely respect; but when I read, for example, Jamie Kirchick, a normally dependable guy and someone I’ve met slightly, and like well enough, spending 700 words of an 800 word column talking up how base he thinks Pam Gellar is in a column allegedly defending her right to free speech, instead of, you know, actually defending her right to free speech, I become despairing, because if this is all the defense the alleged defenders of Free Speech can muster, then we have no right to free speech.

This is about class. This is all about class.

This is about, specifically, the careerist, cowardly, go-along-to-get-along mores of the Upper Middle Class, the class of people whose parents were all college educated, and of course are college educated themselves; the class that dominates our thought-transmitting institutions (because non-college educated people are more of less shut out of this industry).

It is a class which is deathly afraid of social stigma, and lives in class-based fear being grouped with the wrong people, and which is more interested in Career, quite frankly, than in the actual tradecraft of that Career, which is clarity of thought and clarity of expression.

Read the whole thing. It is worth your time. This sort of hit me a bit, because when I think of the things left unsaid for the sake of getting along, I worry I’ve fallen into this trap myself. Sure, I have this blog, but I write under a pseudonym. Why? Because I maintain a career in a large metropolitan run by the Upper Middle Class consensus. Anyone who follows my personal Facebook account knows I seldom bring up political topics, largely for the sake of getting along with friends, coworkers, and some family.

I think the lack of conversation is killing this country. We’ve been reduced to walking on eggshells for fear of upsetting the perpetually offended, and often times you don’t know who they are until you say the wrong thing. This state of affairs benefits the far left, because it’s how they control the culture when most people don’t actually agree with them. If we’ve been reduced to insulting each other on social media, and going on virtual witch hunts for the disbelievers, this lets them win. The polite everyman shuts up to avoid becoming the victim of some SJW witch hunter. If this country started talking again, we might begin to understand we’re not all that different, and we share a lot of the same concerns.

Sometimes I wonder if the issue is that social media turns a lot of people into monsters, because it’s hard to believe the American character has changed all that much in just eight years. Perhaps all that’s happened is the left has figured out how to take over that institution like they’ve taken over all the others. People can get away with saying things online they’d never say to another person having a discussion over a few beers. Five years ago I cut the cord on the TV, and I don’t miss it. Lately I’ve been thinking I should cut the cord on social media. Facebook is a giant waste of time, and Twitter is becoming a 140-character-at-a-time cesspool of groupthink hashtag activism. People used to think TV was destroying the country, but I wonder if social media is actually destroying this country.

Maybe it’s time for me to build a brewery in flyover country and check out from all this ridiculous bullshit.

More on Doctors and Guns on Gun Blog Variety Cast

I make a brief appearance on Episode 27 of the Gun Blog Variety Cast speaking about the issue of Doctors and Guns. I realized after my post on this topic last Friday that I was remiss in mentioning Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership. I hope DRGO manages to grow, and hopefully gets powerful enough to someday take on the SJWs who run the various medical societies. We talk about DRGO a bit in the podcast.

I think if you call your podcast “Gun Blog Variety”, gun blogging guests should have to do a dance, bang out a few tunes on the accordion, or sing a few love songs before going on. Maybe sing a few love songs while accompanying on the accordion, and dancing!

Click here to play the episode. My segment starts at 26:25, but listen the whole thing. Looks like Miguel usually occupies that slot, so this week’s segment has 95% less beard!

Second Amendment Defending the First

Looks like islamic radicals may have made a fatal choice in the victim selection process down in Texas at a “Draw Mohammad” art exhibit featuring a number of controversial speakers, including Pam Geller and Geert Wilders. According to Gateway Pundit, ISIS is taking credit for the attack. Seen on the Internet:

There might be a Paris, Texas, but let’s get one thing straight: Texas ain’t Paris.

My favorite is this:


The Medical Profession’s War on Gun Ownership

I used to be very much against the “physician gag laws,” viewing it as a First Amendment issue, but lately as the medical professional societies recommend more and more intrusions into the lives of patients I’m moving more into the “meh” category. They kind of deserve what’s being served upon them. If the medical profession wants war, it can have war, and they can find out just how much lobbying power we have.

Various medical professional organizations, lead by the American Society of Physicians, are putting out a position paper calling for more gun control. You can see the abstract here.

The specific recommendations include universal background checks of gun purchasers, elimination of physician “gag laws,” restricting the manufacture and sale of military-style assault weapons and large-capacity magazines for civilian use, and research to support strategies for reducing firearm-related injuries and deaths. The health professional organizations also advocate for improved access to mental health services and avoidance of stigmatization of persons with mental and substance use disorders through blanket reporting laws. The American Bar Association, acting through its Standing Committee on Gun Violence, confirms that none of these recommendations conflict with the Second Amendment or previous rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court.

I can’t really tell you how much this infuriates me. If I were NRA, and any of these medical societies receive any kind of federal or state funding for this kind of crap, It’d lobby to get it cut. Screw them over any way you can think of. These people have declared war on the Second Amendment using the guise and prestige of the medical profession. As a wise man once said, punch back twice as hard.

It’s pretty apparent that that various medical professional societies and the American Bar Association have been taken over by social justice warriors, and they are all conspiring to deny us fundamental constitutional rights. The American Bar Association doesn’t get to decide our constitutional rights. It would probably be a good idea to form a movement among grassroots medical and legal professionals to take their professions back from the SJWs. It’s going to take gun owning physicians (and there are a lot of them) speaking out against the social justice warriors. If only we had a Larry Correia or two in the medical and legal professions.