So Bitter and I went out for some BBQ tonight (in PA, nothing spectacular), and had a flaming gay waiter. This presented a bit of dilemma, because I normally like to get the smoked sausage, but I didn’t know whether I could keep a straight face having a really flaming gay guy serve me what looks, in effect, like a giant schlong on a plate. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to contain at least a snicker, but it could have easily erupted into full blown laughter if he made any comment in regards to “I hope you enjoy it,” or “My, doesn’t that look tasty,” and definitely would have not been able to contain myself if he said “Oh, excellent choice. Those are my favorite,” after I ordered it.

So to avoid risking any homosexual sensibilities, I decided to go with the ribs and brisket. It’s really the safe choice, when you go out for BBQ in Pennsylvania, and have a flaming gay waiter. Just something to keep in mind if you ever visit the area :)

One thought on ““Out””

  1. Mmm, BBQ

    don’t worry dude. You will rarely see me eat a banana or a hot dog in public for many of the same reasons – even though I am fully secure in my manliness

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