More on Doctors and Guns on Gun Blog Variety Cast

I make a brief appearance on Episode 27 of the Gun Blog Variety Cast speaking about the issue of Doctors and Guns. I realized after my post on this topic last Friday that I was remiss in mentioning Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership. I hope DRGO manages to grow, and hopefully gets powerful enough to someday take on the SJWs who run the various medical societies. We talk about DRGO a bit in the podcast.

I think if you call your podcast “Gun Blog Variety”, gun blogging guests should have to do a dance, bang out a few tunes on the accordion, or sing a few love songs before going on. Maybe sing a few love songs while accompanying on the accordion, and dancing!

Click here to play the episode. My segment starts at 26:25, but listen the whole thing. Looks like Miguel usually occupies that slot, so this week’s segment has 95% less beard!

6 Responses to “More on Doctors and Guns on Gun Blog Variety Cast”

  1. Thanks for coming on the show, Sebastian.

  2. Sigivald says:

    Something with “responsible gun ownership” that isn’t an astroturf anti-gun group?

    Thanks for ruining my heuristic

  3. Weer'd Beard says:

    You did awesome! Loved your Segment Sebastian!

  4. The Medical Association in Oregon testified in support of their Bloomberg-background checks bill.

    Since the majority won’t self-regulate, it’s time to fight back with legislation where we can.

  5. Alpheus says:

    I would have to confess that I have mixed feelings on the Gun Blog Variety Podcast. On the one hand, it’s very cheesy, and almost NPR-ish (I’m not that thrilled by NPR presentation, to say the least…). On the other hand, to the degree that it’s NPR-ish, it’s like NPR, but they actually have reasonable views about guns.

    So, I might not like the presentation, but I nonetheless listen to it. :.)

    Oh, and I appreciate your thoughts on the issue. I can’t remember where you made the point about this being about privacy as much as it is about freedom of speech (whether it was your previous blog post or the podcast), but that’s an important distinction to remember–especially with the tendency of ObamaCare and even the AMA to insist that doctors need to know who has guns…