Gunblog Variety Podcast: Oversight On My Part

I have four different devices I use for trolling for news and keeping track of what I want to post about. I hate it when I find a tab with something I meant to post about, but overlooked until the news was stale. Ordinarily, I usually just write that story up as a loss, but I’d feel bad if I did that in this case.

Several weeks ago I was on an episode of the Gunblog Variety Podcast, talking about this post. I had the episode open but didn’t find it until yesterday when I did my gun news post and went through all my tabs on every device. Checking my history, sure enough, I never did the post. You can listen to their latest podcast here.

I tend to feel that there’s an obligation to engage in cross promotion, so I didn’t just want to let this go. It takes a lot of work to do vlogging and podcasting, and I dropped the ball here. If you ever looked at my desk, yeah, the computer side of things isn’t much more organized.

4 thoughts on “Gunblog Variety Podcast: Oversight On My Part”

  1. The good thing about this podcast is that we’ve tried to make the subjects we talk about be ones that will still be interesting weeks or months later.

    And as a bonus, this episode has actual audio of Joan Peterson in Weer’d’s segment!

  2. Bet you supported Romney in the last election too. The same people decrying what Trump said about McCain seem to have forgotten how McCain describes the GOP’s rank and file. Yet somehow the establishment managed to nominate this “hero” or see John Kerry’s three purple hearts.

    1. The establishment didn’t nominate him, GOP voters did. That’s true in both cases. I voted for both McCain and Romney. I was not truly happy with either candidate. But that’s what the process produced. Both of them were better than Obama.

      If you want it to produce something else, you need to work harder in the primaries. If you’re worried about “strategic” voting by Democrats in open primaries, push for closed one. But I think open primaries have their value.

      I’m willing to argue the merits if you are, but somehow I suspect you’re happier being angry.

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