The Medical Profession’s War on Gun Ownership


I used to be very much against the “physician gag laws,” viewing it as a First Amendment issue, but lately as the medical professional societies recommend more and more intrusions into the lives of patients I’m moving more into the “meh” category. They kind of deserve what’s being served upon them. If the medical profession wants war, it can have war, and they can find out just how much lobbying power we have.

Various medical professional organizations, lead by the American Society of Physicians, are putting out a position paper calling for more gun control. You can see the abstract here.

The specific recommendations include universal background checks of gun purchasers, elimination of physician “gag laws,” restricting the manufacture and sale of military-style assault weapons and large-capacity magazines for civilian use, and research to support strategies for reducing firearm-related injuries and deaths. The health professional organizations also advocate for improved access to mental health services and avoidance of stigmatization of persons with mental and substance use disorders through blanket reporting laws. The American Bar Association, acting through its Standing Committee on Gun Violence, confirms that none of these recommendations conflict with the Second Amendment or previous rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court.

I can’t really tell you how much this infuriates me. If I were NRA, and any of these medical societies receive any kind of federal or state funding for this kind of crap, It’d lobby to get it cut. Screw them over any way you can think of. These people have declared war on the Second Amendment using the guise and prestige of the medical profession. As a wise man once said, punch back twice as hard.

It’s pretty apparent that that various medical professional societies and the American Bar Association have been taken over by social justice warriors, and they are all conspiring to deny us fundamental constitutional rights. The American Bar Association doesn’t get to decide our constitutional rights. It would probably be a good idea to form a movement among grassroots medical and legal professionals to take their professions back from the SJWs. It’s going to take gun owning physicians (and there are a lot of them) speaking out against the social justice warriors. If only we had a Larry Correia or two in the medical and legal professions.

20 thoughts on “The Medical Profession’s War on Gun Ownership”

  1. Ummm, that DRGO Facebook page doesn’t seem very anti-gun… Posts calling out the new Surgeon General’s anti gun past etc….

    1. I think he meant to imply that docs who support 2A rights are out there and becoming better organized…

  2. Crap like this along with obamacare support are why my wife refuses to join the ama. That and the specialists who control the ama tend to screw family docs like her

  3. I’ve got a good doc! We share range tips and talk about guns every visit. Of course he happens to be an ex-Army doc!

  4. “The American Bar Association, acting through its Standing Committee on Gun Violence, confirms that none of these recommendations conflict with the Second Amendment or previous rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court.”

    The ABA is lying to you.

    1. That’s what left wing institutions do. No one should be surprised by this.

  5. You are about ten times more likely to die in a hospital from a medical error than you are a gunshot wound. Physician, heal thyself!!!

  6. Sorry, but a doc can ask you any questions they want. And you can go o any doctor you want. I went to a doctor who was all new agey once, and I stopped.

    1. In the same sense that my children, when very young, were “free” to use any language with their mother.

      The social worker….errrrr I mean the “doctor” is also free to learn that there are consequences.

        1. Until there is no “elsewhere”, because every doctor is required to ask. Which is what the AMA and Obama are trying to make happen.

    2. This should be true in general, but how else should we oppose the AMA? Additionally, with the government insistence to try to require doctors to ask these kinds of things, and to keep records on them, gag orders seem more appropriate as time goes on.

      What we need is an AMA that will respect people’s rights–all of them!–and a government that will respect our right to free association.

  7. See this post at Weaponsman (scroll down below “Update”) for a list of anti-gun measures eerily similar to those listed in the abstract.

    One might almost conclude Conley and the authors of the position paper are reading from the same script.

  8. The surgeon and the anesthesiologist who replaced my aortic valve in 2013 were both AR-15 owners. The surgeon had actually been stationed with SOCOM.

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