Gun Control Speech Coming?

The real question here is whether they intend to follow through, and in what context? And how soon? After Obama is hopefully not re-elected? Allahpundit notes:

Lots of lip service to the Second Amendment and America’s fine hunting tradition, plenty of upfront concessions about not wanting to ban handguns, etc. He can’t afford to be aggressive on this issue, after all: Even knowing that nothing will pass the House and end up on his desk, he has to be careful about alienating the sort of rural Democrats he needs to win states like Pennsylvania.

And it’s not just Pennsylvania on that count either. Though I take exception to this, quoted by Allahpundit:

He just doesn’t have a big problem among the kinds of voters who support gun control: minorities, urbanites and white liberals. What he does have is a serious problem with gun control opponents, who are disproportionately white, male non-college educated and rural. They are, in other words, exactly the people with whom Barack Obama struggles, even compared to other Democrats. That’s why Hillary Clinton beat him by ten points in the Pennsylvania and Ohio primaries and almost 40 points in the West Virginia primary.

Hillary beat him on guns? Really? What do you people smoke? And for the record, I’m suburban and college educated. I work in a knowledge industry doing what many working class Democratic families around here would not consider “real work.” It’s not like I’m a rarity in my field either. Allapundit closes with:

Maybe he was just telling Tingles what he wanted to hear?

I think this is the case. He might talk about it in later speeches. He certainly tiptoed around the issue in the memorial service a few weeks ago. I just don’t think Obama wants to ride this tiger before the 2012 elections.