Shannon Watts’ Epic Fail

Evil Eye Watts

On Saturday, we reported on Moms Demand Action’s flop of a protest. Watts had claimed there would be 400 in attendance, and by our count there were at best 150 people. The Guardian incredulously claims  there were 500 protesters in attendance, even though no one else would claim that. Bob Owens’ shot from the bridge shows better than anyone else’s that number is an ouright fabrication. Miguel explains the heaping helping of trick photography Moms Demand uses to bolster their bogus claims. But nontheless, the real measure of success or failure is how successful Shannon Watts was at bringing forth the media to write stories.

Certainly we saw a lot of reporters there at the protest, and cameras abound, but as of this morning this is all that appeared on Google News:

Moms Demand Action News Fail

The first story is from Breitbart News, and the second Bob Owen’s article. I could fine one other casual mention of the protesting moms on ABC News, but other than the Guardian piece linked above, as best as I can tell it’s crickets. I spoke with someone who said they had been watching the news broadcasts to see if there was any coverage, and there wasn’t.

So without oxygen from media outlets, it’s pretty apparent that Mike Bloomberg would have done better to pile up all the money spent on planning, busses, hotels,  t-shirts, signs, and box lunches, and burned it. Shannon Watts protest at NRAAM this year was an epic failure.

Hat Tip to Gail Pepin for the best photo of Shannon Watts ever which appears as the “featured image” of this post.

13 thoughts on “Shannon Watts’ Epic Fail”

  1. No, if Bloomberg was interested in realpolitik he would: Take the money wasted on these silly rallies and give away locks, safes, and coupons for training; Buy some credibility by opposing ridiculous laws in MD, NJ, CA, and NYC. There must be a law somewhere he’s against, like the NJ Graves act which makes it illegal to possess a 300 yr old flintlock pistol without a permit. Surely, there is a line somewhere, right? Or, not.

  2. If Michael Bloomberg were interested in positive results, then he would’ve taken all the money he spent on crappy political ads for crappy politicians all over the United States, and instead spent it on barbecues and community events around the country to improve the relationship that the police have with the communities they serve. If he’d done that, he may have seen some positive return on his money. I suspect that ‘making the world a safer place’ isn’t actually as high on his list of things to do as he tells people it is.

  3. I was listening to Progress news on XM and Watts was being interviewed by the host. She claimed that they have chapters in all 50 (or 57) states and that they had “thousands” of members in the state where the convention was being held. My laughing and snorting kept me awake for the drive to work.

  4. Let’s say it WAS 500.

    500 demanding mommies, 79,000 NRA attendees.

    Who is the “fringe element” again? Who are the “extremists”?

  5. If they wanted 150 to like 400 or 500, then Photoshop is the proper way to do it, not trick camera angles. It is obvious the background people are a lot smaller than they would be if in that gap.

  6. Ok….I’ve been absent awhile……Who is Shannon Watts…….Muscular Dystrophy Association??

      1. More to the point, she’s a political wonk who’s skipped from one client to another. You know, like a call girl, except they have more integrity.

  7. Shannon looks a little perturbed or constipated in the pic above…lol looks some what like a bch to me. Her beta male hubby must be proud.

  8. It was a great success in making her and other antigen news feel morally superior. If only there was a way to give them and other progressives that sense of moral advantage. Without passing laws.

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