Shannon Watts’ Bark Worse than her Bite

Bearing Arms picks up a piece from Breitbart which notes Kroger’s profits being up 21% over the same period last year. This is important, since it shows that no harm comes from telling busybodies like Shannon Watts and Mike Bloomberg to buzz off. Everytown and MDA has no real grassroots behind them by which to affect even a modestly successful boycott. Most companies have not caved to Everytown/MDA because they fear their grassroots backlash, they have caved because they fear what Mike Bloomberg’s money could do to their reputations in the media. Bob Owens notes:


Most lower-level Moms Demand protests draw less than a dozen activists, and these don’t appear to have much local interest, as the same handful of supporters tromps from city to city, forcing people to logically wonder if this “grassroots campaign” is nothing more or less than a small number of paid staffers in each state.

All that organization has going for it is Bloomberg’s money. Without it, it would be as impotent as every other gun control group that has come before them.

3 thoughts on “Shannon Watts’ Bark Worse than her Bite”

  1. This idiot does have a point, though. When I lived across the river from DC, every time I crossed the river I had to plan ahead of time and be sure to divest myself of my carry gun, ammo, knives, and take my keys off the kubotan and leave the evil stick behind, either at home or in my car parked at the Metro station. (Only idiots drive in DC. The worst drivers in the United States are there.) Even though I am (theoretically) covered by LEOSA, I couldn’t be sure whatever building I planned to enter didn’t have a minimum-wager working a metal detector.

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