Shannon Watts v. Dana Loesch

There’s just something about attractive women who favor gun rights that gets our opponents in a hand-wringing tizzy. From the moment it was announced that Dana Loesch was going to be on The View, the madness began. Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Ownership libel Dana Loesch, by suggesting she’s a spokeswoman for Magpul, when she is not. They had better be careful. I know they are used to repeatedly spewing untruths without getting called on it, but eventually they’re going to libel someone who isn’t afraid to file suit and will revel in the media circling the wagons to defend one of their own.

Shannon has been going nuts trying to prevent The View from hosting Dana, and I can’t really blame her. Their issue lives and dies by being able to maintain an insulated media bubble where they can build their false caricatures of the gun culture unchallenged by viewpoints and arguments which could call their caricature into question. Dana Loesch’s appearance on The View is a clear and present threat to their ability to maintain that bubble.

4 thoughts on “Shannon Watts v. Dana Loesch”

  1. I watched the clip of Loesch in the beginning of the show when her attitude on guns was dragged out of her. The other co-hosts dragged it out of her along with some other conservative views. I would like to ask Watts what her definition of ‘activist’ is, I figured it would be someone opinionated. Also I find it to funny that the view cast (other than Loesch) kept making comments about their twitter feed blowing up. It appears Watts gas bag whining gave the show some welcomed publicity

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