Jon Stewart Mocks NRA for Opposing Ivory Ban

I stopped watching The Daily Show a long time ago, because Stewart is a partisan hack that plays the “I’m just a comedian” card any time someone challenges him on his hackery, or lack of command of the issues. So I wasn’t surprised to see Stewart mocking NRA for opposing the Obama Administration’s ivory ban.

Ivory has been illegal to import since 1990. What the Obama Administration has done is to shift the burden of proof to owner to prove that the ivory in question was imported before 1990. This means if you’re selling an antique or pre-ban guns with ivory, Fish and Wildlife Service can come arrest you and then only later drop charges if you can prove the provenance of the ivory (the ivory, mind you, not necessary the gun it’s on) to the satisfaction of FWS officials.

Did Stuart or his writers ever stop to think that a lot of old and antique guns have ivory grips, or ivory as part of their furniture? Do they realize that old and historic power horns are made of ivory? Sure, there are plenty who have a proven pedigree, but how many people have old family heirlooms that aren’t papered? That’s why NRA, along with a lot of musicians (who supposedly Stewart doesn’t think are crazy) opposes the Administration on this ban. This is not even considering the effects it will have on grandfathered pieces in the hunting community.

Obama’s proposal is radical, and upends the notion that people are innocent until proven guilty, but Stewart is so ignorant, he and his writers don’t even realize what this measure does. NRA is right to oppose it. So are musicians. Guilty until proven innocent is not the American way, and I fully expect NRA to oppose laws which make it easy for gun owners to end up in prison.

10 Responses to “Jon Stewart Mocks NRA for Opposing Ivory Ban”

  1. borekfk says:

    Sadly if you point out the fact that Stewart is a comedian on a comedy channel, then you’re automatically one of the those dastardly 1% Koch Brothers.

  2. Arnie says:

    Being “considered guilty until proven innocent” is the prevailing rule for this administration. Do you want to get outraged? Read about civil asset forfeiture! For some reason i am unable to paste URL addresses here, but you can google it and find the article from the New York times. John Oliver also has a YouTube video on State and local police abuse of this horrific tyranny – yet, it’s supposedly legal!!!! But it’s being abused against helpless innocent citizens who are never charged with any crime but can ne er get their money back. It’s absolutely horrible. Wish I could paste the link, but it’s easy to google.
    – Arnie

  3. John A says:

    Ivory… In the UK, there is a growing movement calling for the destruction of all ivory. Including such things as objects from Tut’s tomb. It gets occasional mention on Antiques Roadshow.

  4. emdfl says:

    Let’s start with the pianos in Carnegie Hall and then the white house and…
    What, you didn’t know that most old Steinway piano used ivory for the white keys?

  5. alanstorm says:

    “Did Stuart or his writers ever stop to think..”

    Well, no. Why do you ask?