State of New Jersey Wipes Out Man’s Account

Claiming he owes 400 million in back taxes, the State of New Jersey wipes out a man’s bank account:

Goodman said he’s earned about $45,000 per year since he started working, and that the state took all the money from his bank account — roughly $1,800.

The Dept of Taxation told him it would take time to release the levy because they need to conduct an investigation.

So much for innocent until proven guilty.  The governments of this country are absolutely out of control, and I have to question the sanity of a body politic that thinks Barack Obama is the answer to our woes.  Barack Obama hasn’t met a state intrusion, tax, regulation or power he wouldn’t like to expand into even more fascets of our lives.  For Obama, it’s Government First.  That’s the last thing we need right now.

5 thoughts on “State of New Jersey Wipes Out Man’s Account”

  1. “Doesn’t apply to tax law, generally.”

    I practiced as a CPA in the area of taxation for about a dozen years. I’m also an attorney (estate, tax & business planning law). I know that you are correct, and after all of my time in the area I still fail to understand why this is so. The government is essentially saying “Yeah, you people can have a few rights, but not when it comes to OUR money.” I just wish that the people who proposed the income tax about 95 years ago could have been transported to our time to see what the end result has been. This is tyranny on a scale that none of them could have imagined.

  2. “he owes 400 million in back taxes”… Doesn’t he understand?… He needs to sacrifice for the ‘common good’?

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