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When Sebastian told me about this Opposing Views piece from Brady, I almost couldn’t believe they would do something like that.

President Obama’s invitation to sit down and talk about ways to reduce gun violence in America was met with the National Rifle Association’s usual stubborn refusal to stop the bloodshed in favor of selling more weapons. The NRA’s ridiculous stance was roundly – and deservedly – criticized by editorial writers and columnists across the nation.

It goes on the quote from four different media outlets criticizing NRA’s position on the meeting with the Administration. Not that I want to help the Brady Campaign staff do their jobs or anything, but who in their right mind would want to show their supporters & donors that the media cycle has become exclusively about the NRA while their own political agenda of gun & magazine bans is being outright ignored in the debate with the White House? It’s not often you see a group highlighting their failure to be relevant, but the Brady Campaign seems to embrace that strategy here.

4 thoughts on “The Media Story”

  1. When your entire political strategy is based on whining, it’s all you know how to do.

  2. It is what I always say. WE have the facts on our side, they have only emotion left! They have to demonize something, someone to avoid making valid factual statements.

  3. But in their mind, the media coverage of NRA is negative. They work to help ensure that, and work to get their message out.

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