Drunk With Power

You have to love a release for Elanor Holmes Norton that describes the NRA as being “drunk with power”.  We must be doing something right.  But she’s quick to give Obama credit for things he doesn’t deserve credit for:

For example, the Obama Administration quickly overturned a last-minute Bush Administration regulation that allowed people to carry loaded guns in national parks, but the NRA, almost as quickly, brought back the Bush provision.

The Obama Administration never overturned anything.  A federal court enjoined the administration from implementing the new rule.  And we never would have gotten that taken care of if Obama hadn’t put his John Hancock on the bill that did it.

One thought on “Drunk With Power”

  1. Ironically, the “Obama Administration” signed the very legislation that would allow us to carry into national parks… Does that woman have the foggiest of clues?

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