Hickenlooper Ally: You Toothless Rednecks Don’t Even Have Roads

Colorful Colorado

The post title is only a slight exaggeration of what Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper’s ally, Mike Bloomberg, actually said about Colorado voters who supported last year’s recalls.

The NRA went after two or three state Senators in a part of Colorado where I don’t think there’s roads. It’s as far rural as you can get. And, yes, they lost recall elections. I’m sorry for that. We tried to help ‘em.

Yes, Mike, keep helping the Colorado Democratic Party by talking about what hicks they all are. Maybe you’ll even remember that it was a Democratic district that was responsible for one of those recall losses, a fact that I’m sure makes the statewide Democratic candidates jump for joy that you’re generating these insulting headlines in their state during the election year.

17 thoughts on “Hickenlooper Ally: You Toothless Rednecks Don’t Even Have Roads”

  1. Didn’t those recalls include parts of Colorado Springs and Pueblo?

    Wow… could he be more of an arrogant, clueless manhattanite?

    1. Yeah, we ain’t got none of that new-fangled stuff like E-LEK-TRISITY or paved roads here in Colorado Springs. We’uns just live in a fly-over state, remember.

      And, I don’t know if the recall got much traction in Pueblo (I honestly don’t recall. I think one of the recalled folks was from there…). Pueblo typically votes for the big D. Big here in Colo. Spgs. it was a big deal.

      1. Angela Giron (D) was recalled from the very blue Pueblo district. She lost her seat 60-40.

      2. Giron lost her recall in Pueblo partly over the gun law and partly over a perceived failure to protect southern Colorado water, in an area where water might even be a bigger hot-button issue than firearms. That was largely what turned the area’s biggest newspaper against her.

        I, for one, am glad that there are roads in Pueblo, as I have to go there this afternoon.

  2. I’d rather live on Venus than in New York city with all those liberal cunts.

    1. Clay, don’t candy coat it…tell us how you really feel! ;)

      I think the title for this post probably *was* what Bloomy said before it got fluffed by a staffer.

  3. So, is Mickey Bloomburg still backing Carpet Bagger Scott Brown for the N.H. Senate Seat like he did when ran for re-election in Mass.? Or aren’t there enough roads up in Concord for Hizzoner?

  4. The Senator that resigned so the Democrats could keep control of the State Senate was from a suburban democratic district on the north side of Denver, the Senate leader who lost his seat had a basically neutral district in Colorado Springs and Giron had a heavily democratic district in Pueblo.

  5. As Bloomberg ages, his patience and his sense of propriety in public are going to continue to drift further from reality. It takes massive discipline to avoid it. He ain’t got it.

    We can expect more of his antics as he gets on.

    Good for us.

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